Crotchless Body

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Crotchless body and catsuit – lingerie for surprising moments

Crotchless lingerie is very seductive and leaves certain things to the imagination. Crotchless lingerie is extremely erotic and is associated with surprises. Crotchless bodies and crotchless catsuits are the perfect combination of mysteriously seductive and sexy. Seduce your partner wearing crotchless lingerie and enjoy how surprised they look when they discover your little secret.

Crotchless bodies and catsuits aren´t suitable for normal everyday use

Crotchless bodies and crotchless catsuits aren´t really suitable for everyday wear. They are a type of erotic lingerie and help you seduce your partner using all the tricks in the book. Crotchless lingerie has a slit in the vaginal or anal area and puts your vagina or backside in the limelight. Crotchless bodies cover the parts of your body that you don´t like as much and emphasise either the breasts, bum or stomach, depending on the design. Transparent inserts, lacing and cut-outs are wonderful details that make the bodies look even more exciting.
Bodystockings are erotic jumpsuits that are made out of either opaque latex or vinyl, or transparent material with lace details. Latex is very popular in the erotic industry because it is skin-tight and looks very erotic, thanks to its jet black colour and shiny material. However, a feminine lace catsuit emphasises feminine curves and provides a glimpse of what lies underneath the transparent material. It isn´t just the design that bodystockings have in common with each other – you also need a bit of time before your own body `shines` through the skin-tight catsuit. However, it´s definitely worth taking the time to enjoy the sight of a crotchless catsuit and your partner can do this because it can be kept on during lovemaking.

Accessories make beautiful lingerie look even more attractive

What would women´s outfits be like without the perfect accessories to go with them? This is the same for erotic lingerie because lingerie needs accessories just like any other outfit. Men love high heels and lots of men find it extremely erotic if they´re worn in bed too. High heels make your legs look longer and crotchless bodies and catsuits will put your legs in the limelight even more. You can wear beautiful long gloves with short sleeve crotchless bodies and crotchless bodystockings to add an extra twist to your outfit. You can be creative and invent your own erotic outfits, and in doing so, you can re-invent yourself again and again. Your love life will never be boring again.