Nylons & Nylon Stockings

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Stylishly dressed in nylon

Nylon is a material that has delighted women for centuries. The material is wonderfully soft and delicate, and fits like a second skin – whether it´s used for stockings or tights. Small problem areas on and around the legs are concealed but that is really only a lovely little extra because the main thing is that nylon stockings and tights look breathtakingly beautiful. The seductive nylon look is finished off perfectly when worn with an erotic outfit. The erotic outfit will definitely turn men´s heads.

Tights and hold up stockings have never been so popular

Nylon tights make your legs look amazing. However, erotic tights like net tights or suspender tights can do so much more than that. They emphasise the legs and bum like no other lingerie. They look stunning on any woman and bewitch men because of how attractive they look. They are also more comfortable than hold up stockings and normal stockings. Hold up stockings are the epitome of femininity. Nylon stockings are similar to nylon tights but they stop at the middle of the thigh. They are therefore lighter and more delicate than tights. They also go perfectly with a dress or a skirt in summer. The attractive lace top part on hold up stockings can be seen if you wear them with a dress that has a slit up it and this will definitely attract your partner´s attention.

Stockings are very erotic

Men really love stockings. There is almost no other type of lingerie that is as erotic as stockings. Stockings are attached to a suspender belt by at least two suspender straps. Stockings come in different colours to match your other lingerie. Stockings look absolutely stunning when worn with a pretty mini dress, a skirt or bra and panties. There is no other piece of lingerie that can make women look as erotic and feel as confident as stockings can. Greet your partner after work in a seductive outfit with suspenders ¬– enjoy the effect it has on your partner and the erotic attention you will receive from them.