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Penis moulding kit – a special experience

Most men find the idea of making a mould of their penis very arousing and if their partner can use the mould as a dildo or vibrator then this makes it even more exciting for them. A penis moulding kit can make this possible. Surprise your partner with a dildo that is a realistic replica of your penis. She will be really pleased with this very original gift, especially if she wants to be pleasured but you aren´t at home.

How do I use a moulding kit?

It is really easy to mould your penis with a penis moulding kit. The kit contains a moulding tube, moulding powder, silicone, liquid skin and a stirring stick. You should read the instructions before doing anything. The penis must be erect before you start mixing the powder. We recommend that you use a cock ring so that your erection lasts longer. Then make a mould using the moulding tube. The silicone is then poured into the tube. The silicone needs to have set completely before you and your partner can use the unique dildo. Your partner can enjoy the penis replica even more if there´s a vibrator included in the set.

Moulding kit – for pleasure together

You will have even more fun with the moulding kit if you use it with your partner. Your partner could help you hold the tube so that it doesn´t move and the penis mould will therefore look even more realistic. Your partner will definitely have a lot of fun ´cloning´ your penis with you.
You should use a water-based lubricant when you´re using your mould because it is made out of silicone. The lubricant will help the penis replica slide in more easily. The penis replica must be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap after every use. A toy cleaner should also be used at regular intervals, especially if the dildo is used very often. The penis replica should be stored in a place where it is cool, out of the sun and won´t get dusty.