Vibrators for Couples

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Couples´ vibrators for fantastic moments of pleasure

You always thought that vibrators were only for women? We are here to dispel that myth. Couples´ vibrators have become very popular over the last couple of years because, unlike normal vibrators, these vibrators can pleasure both of you at once. You can use a couples´ vibrator in lots of different ways ¬– the sky really is the limit. Choose one of our couples´ vibrators and spice up your sex life.

Different vibrators for different couples

Couples´ vibrators come in different colours and shapes. There are lay-on couples´ vibrators available, so that you can decide where you want to pleasure your partner and which of their erogenous zones you want to pleasure as well. You will both be able to feel the thrilling vibrations if you place the vibrator on her clitoris. A lay-on vibrator is also perfect for massaging your partner during foreplay.
Another couples´ vibrator that shouldn´t be missing from anyone´s toy box is the double vibrator. A double vibrator is a bit like a double dildo and each partner can insert an end into their vagina or anus. Sex will become even more exciting because of the intense vibrations that can be controlled by both of you.
You have probably also heard of vibro-bullets by now. They are very popular among women and can also be used during sex. The bullet gets inserted into the vagina and stimulates her clitoris with its vibrations. He can then slightly penetrate her and also enjoy the vibrations.

Couples´ vibrators for intense fun

Your sex life will never get boring with a couples´ vibrator. Have a look for the vibrator that will give you the most stimulation and that you will enjoy the most. The majority of vibrators have lots of different vibration levels so that you can slowly increase your pleasure. Beginners will also quickly fall in love with couples´ vibrators. You could also get a vibrator that is controlled via a remote control or smartphone if you want to add that extra thrill to your sex life. Your partner will be able to choose and control the vibration strength via the remote control, which will really spice up your sex life.