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Masturbators – moments of pleasure for men

A masturbator is a sex toy for men and the male version of a dildo/vibrator as it isn´t just women who want to enjoy pleasure when they are alone. Masturbators can also be used to spice up your sex life, either during foreplay or sex itself.

Lots of different masturbators for fulfilling fantasies

A pocket pussy is made out of soft, skin-friendly material that is very flexible. The material adapts to body temperature, which means that it feels extremely realistic. They are in the shape of a mouth, vagina or anus and, depending on what you prefer, look realistic or discreet. The realistic masturbators are a perfect replica of a woman´s labia and are for men who want the masturbator to look and feel realistic, so that they can completely give into pleasure. There are also torso replicas for men who want to enjoy even more of a woman. The soft material and the realistic breasts will help your fantasies become reality in no time at all. There are also masturbators that can replicate oral sex. These masturbators have a pump that makes the sucking sensation feel extremely realistic. However, we also have masturbators in simple designs for those wanting more discreet fun. These masturbators disguise the vagina replica or ´hide´ it in something e.g. a can. Pocket pussies in an egg or tube shape are the most discreet masturbators of them all. All masturbators have grooves, dots or small raised parts inside of them to make them feel even more realistic and to help you have a really intense orgasm. If you cover the masturbator in a lot of water-based lubricant you will have a great time with it and you might even forget that you´re alone.

Moments of pleasure together

A pocket pussy is also great for foreplay. You can either let your girlfriend pleasure you with it or you can include it in foreplay in other ways. There are also masturbators that can be used at both ends and they are perfect for when you and your partner want to experience extremely intense moments of pleasure. All masturbators must be cleaned thoroughly after use – we recommend using a toy cleaner for this. Let it dry before putting it away.