The ORION Affiliate Programme: earn money from your website

Your benefits

  • 19% - 25% commission
  • 60-day cookies
  • Lower cancellation rate
  • Higher new customer rate
  • The latest advertisements and product data

Participation is really easy

  • Register with an affiliate network of your choice (see below).
  • Activate your account for the ORION programme within the network.
  • Put banners and other advertisements on your website.
  • Earn money every time a customer places an order with us via your link.

It is this easy

  1. Register for free and without any obligations.

    Read our conditions of participation and fill in the application form for the affiliate network of your choice (see below).

  2. You will get access to your personal affiliate area.

    We will review your application and then you will receive our affiliate programme confirmation via E-mail. There is a link in this E-mail that takes you to your personal area within the affiliate network that you have chosen. Here you will find all the relevant tools for a successful online partnership.

  3. Put our advertisement on your website and earn commission this way.

    Create your links to ORION in your personal area and put the chosen advertisements on your website. The orders placed with us via your link will be promptly logged in reports and statistics and can be requested and seen at any time. You will receive a payment once a month for all the confirmed sales/new customers (your commission).

So kann Deine Werbung aussehen

Specific ORION Policies

It is not permitted:

to set up keywords in search engines like Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo (and/or use any form of paid search results) with the protected trademark "ORION" or any variations of the trademark (e.g. "ORION-Erotikversand, ORION Erotik,", etc.).

to use the protected trademark "ORION" or any variations of the trademark (e.g. "ORION-Erotikversand, ORION Erotik,", etc.) in the domain.

to set up ORION content in Adwords (and/or use any form of paid search results) combined with the protected trademarks of other competitors (e.g. Beate Uhse, Pabo, Adultshop etc.).

to generate a cookie through advertisements that aren´t clearly visible or aren´t visible at all and/or that differ in size and/or shape from those specified by ORION without agreement with ORION. The generation of cookies is only allowed if the advertisement is clearly visible and the customer actively confirms the use of cookies.

to generate a cookie when the customer unintentionally clicks on the advertisement or with post-view tracking. The inclusion of iFrames, Pop-ups, Pop-unders and Layer must be agreed in writing with ORION beforehand.

Please note that we cannot accept applications from websites that either have no legal information or incomplete legal information.

Register with an affiliate programme of your choice