Sustainability at ORION

Environmentally-friendly Delivery

At ORION we make sure that we only use recyclable and environmentally-friendly renewable resources
when packing our products. Paper is used in our packages to stop the products from moving around.
The package is then sealed with potato starch instead of adhesive tape and the delivery is CO2 neutral with DHL.
For this reason, we have received the Go Green certificate for many years now.

Sustainability and Social Investments

Every employee at ORION has the chance to make their contribution to a sustainable future.
ORION gives employees the option of leasing a company bike for an environmentally-friendly way to get to work.
Besides protecting the environment, thoughtful social interaction with other people is also important to ORION.
This is why we support different social projects every year. ORION invests in the future
and offers apprenticeships in many different areas of the company so that it is also able to pass on its values to the next generation.

Sustainable Packaging and Products

We are increasingly trying to work with renewable resources and reduce plastic when it comes
to our products. Our lubricant “Just Glide Bio” is filled into a tube that’s made out of polyethylene which
it’s based on sugarcane. The packaging is 100% recyclable and the sugarcane binds the CO2
when it grows. Our toys from the “Vegan Fetish” range
are 100% vegan and therefore don’t use animal materials. This means that CO2,
which is normally emitted during animal breeding, can be saved. After all, it should
only be you who’s suffering a bit because of the fetish toys…

We have been using less and less plastic over the years for our packaging. For example, lots of our
products are held in place by cardboard. Furthermore, the different materials in our packaging can be easily separated
and can be respectively recycled. We have been participated in the dual system “The Green Dot” from the start
and have thus contributed to saving a large amount of CO2.

Plant-My-Tree Action 2023

As you know, ORION has been rooted in its home state of Schleswig-Holstein since the very beginning. And now, for the second time, we have planted trees in our region with PLANT-MY-TREE®. During this year's tree planting campaign, 100 donated ORION trees were planted in the best weather. And of course we didn't miss the chance to take up the spade ourselves. The oaks and larches now not only give animals a new home and plenty of food, but they also reduce the carbon footprint that we, as a mail-order company, leave behind. That is why it is important to us to make a small contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. And we are always happy to visit the small forest from time to time, to witness how something small grows into something truly great.

Plant-My-Tree Action 2021

As we all know, ORION has been rooted in its home state of Schleswig-Holstein for quite some time. However, we are now rooted in the literal sense too. During Black Week 2021, we decided to donate part of our profits to PLANT-MY-TREE. It was very important to us that the trees we donated were planted in our home state. That is why we put on our own gloves and picked up spades so that we could help plant the 136 ORION trees in Hohenaspe in March 2022. Not only do the oak trees and larches give creatures a new home and plenty of food, but they also reduce the CO2 footprint that we leave behind as a mail-order company as well. This is precisely why we think that it is important to make another small contribution to sustainability and protecting the environment. We are also looking forward to visiting the little forest at regular intervals so that we can watch the small trees grow into large trees.

Q & A

What’s so special about the Womanizer Eco?

The Womanizer Eco is vegan and made out of recyclable material. Furthermore, it can be disassembled which makes swapping parts and recycling the parts even easier. It still has the well-known Pleasure Air Technology with 12 intensity levels and will therefore provide you with a green orgasm.

How is the package with potato starch sealed in an environmentally-friendly way?

A strip of paper is moistened and used with the potato starch – this makes it sticky and can therefore seal your package quickly, securely and in an environmentally-friendly way.

Why doesn't ORION stop using plastic in more products?

There are lots of guidelines in the erotic industry that have to be adhered to – especially hygiene regulations that still require plastics.exit

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