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ORION Versand GmbH & Co. KG
Limited Partnership
Mail-order company

VAT No.: DE134639343
HRA 2514 FL
Register court Flensburg

Managing Director Maike Rotermund

Place of business

24941 Flensburg
Telephone: +49(0)461 - 50 40 444
Fax: +49(0)461 - 50 40 166

Personally liable partner

ORION Versand GmbH
24941 Flensburg
Schäferweg 14, Germany

Managing Director Maike Rotermund

HRB 1417
Register court Flensburg

Youth protection coordinator

Stefan Götz
Schäferweg 14
24941 Flensburg

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Dispute Resolution

From 15th February 2016 the European Commission will be providing a platform for out-of-court dispute resolutions. This will give the consumer the possibility of resolving disputes relating to their online order without having to go to court. The platform can be found by following this link:

We are therefore required by law to give you our E-mail address:

We endeavour to resolve possible disagreements concerning our contract by mutual agreement. Furthermore, we are not obliged to participate in conciliation proceedings and unfortunately we cannot offer you the option of participating in such proceedings either.