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Do you want to pleasure your partner for longer during sex? Then use a cock ring from Fantasy C-Ringz next time. Not only will it delay your ejaculation, but it’ll also give you a great erection as well. A vibro-cock ring from this label will increase your sexual performance and also stimulate your partner's clitoris with gentle vibrations during sex. You can give your partner everything they desire with a cock ring that has an additional anal dildo and vibro-bullet: vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulation combined with your bulging erection. Your partner won't be able to forget these orgasms in a hurry. Do you also like anal stimulation? Then the cock ring with a butt plug, which pleasures your perineum and prostate with gentle vibrations, is just the right toy for you. You can keep your partner chaste with the cock cage from Fantasy C-Ringz. Place the cock and ball ring over your partner's penis and testicles. Then place the cage over the penis and fasten it with the included padlock. Cock rings from Fantasy C-Ringz are made out of stretchy materials like TPR or silicone and are therefore particularly easy to put on. For a bit more sensation and smoothness, you can also use a water-based lubricant. With the Fantasy C-Ringz cock cage, you'll always be in control of your partner and his pleasure – only you can decide when he's allowed to come - what a seductive thought!

You'll find a wide range of Fantasy C-Ringz products from Pipedream at ORION. Whether you choose a cock and ball ring made out of stretchy TPR or flexible silicone with an additional vibration function and a butt plug, or a cock cage for exciting games of dominance and submission - a magnificent erection and delayed ejaculation are guaranteed. Furthermore, cock rings with anal dildos, butt plugs or vibro-bullets additionally stimulate you and your partner’s hotspots. Fantasy C-Ringz - the label for more fun during sex, long nights of love and unforgettable climaxes.

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