Be Bizarre Blow-Me-Up Large You2Toys

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Be Bizarre Blow-Me-Up Large

Be Bizarre Blow-Me-Up Large

Product Information

Length: 25 cm
Diameter: 2,5 - 8,5 cm
Colour: black
Label: You2Toys
Item No. 05291330000

Inflatable latex dildo for HIM and HER!
Slim and smooth, this penis-shaped dildo is perfect for entering your lust hole. It is easy to insert, thanks to its foam rubber core. The extremely flexible latex cover can be inflated with a pump ball. As the volume increases, the dildo gets prominent veins, a bulging glans and testicles. The penis can be inflated until it is ballooning. The pressure inside the dildo can be regulated via a safety valve. It is suitable for vaginal pleasures and stimulates the bladder with inflation. For women, it constricts the vaginal opening when inserted anally. For men, the inflated dildo stimulates the prostate.

Complete length 25 cm, uninflated Ø 2.5 - 4.2 cm, inflated Ø 4.2 - 8.5 cm. Latex, foam rubber.

Made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies. more

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Be Bizarre Blow-Me-Up Large
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About You2Toys

The sex toys from You2Toys impress with their high-quality processing and sophisticated functions. Their great product range includes toys for singles but also for couples – from simple dildos up to cutting-edge sex machines. The label You2Toys will make you want to browse through their wide product range to find your next thrilling adventure. Further details About You2Toys