The Best Masturbators:

these sex toys can guarantee intense solo fun for men

"The Womanizer for men.

There is finally a masturbator with the Pleasure Air™ Technology

  • 8 intensities - Pleasure Air™ technology
  • Several orgasms back-to-back
  • Extremely quiet - Smart Silence™
  • Starts when it touches the skin
  • Easy & hygienic cleaning – Twist to Open
  • 100% waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic, medical quality – CleanTech silicone
  • Charging and drying stand – Storage Base with DryTech Stick
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Top 4 – the Crème de la Crème of the Masturbators

The Value for Money Wonder: good doesn't always have to be expensive

Exclusive at ORION

  • Synchronisation with videos on
  • With stroking movements
  • Remote controlled via the internet
  • Adjustable TrueGrip band
  • Strokes and speeds can be adjusted
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High-quality Masturbators – Upper Class Sex Toys


  • - Quieter, significantly more powerful motor for stronger suction impulses (54 modes)
  • - Revised casing with speedometer display and LEDs
  • - Optional silicone cover for stronger compression and tighter, more intense stimulation
  • - Incl. a remote control, car adapter and Just Glide (20 ml)
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Masturbators with Top Reviews

A Few Tips to Finish

We have a few tips for you on how to use the masturbator – whether you're a beginner, expert or skilled Fleshlight user.

Let's have a look at the masturbator's functions first: usually the masturbator, which is known by many men in Germany as a pocket pussy and which has become well-known worldwide because of the Fleshlight masturbators, is textured on the inside so that it looks a lot like a real vagina. This means that only a penis needs to be inserted into the masturbator during masturbation for intense stimulation. As much as the modern models look like a vagina, there is one big difference: they don't get wet. This is why we strongly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant because otherwise the friction is too strong and the penis will not be able to glide in and out properly. The masturbator also has to be cleaned thoroughly after use. Good masturbators are ones that are easy to clean.

The fun can start once you have covered your penis and the inside of the masturbator with lubricant. The sex toy's opening may look a bit tight for some men but the masturbator's materials are usually so flexible that it isn't normally a problem. However, there are masturbators that have different sized openings. You should therefore also pay attention to this as well when you are choosing your product.

Masturbators are mainly meant for solo sex but apart from masturbation, the toys can also be used to spice up your love life in a relationship. For example, a woman could pleasure a man with the masturbator during foreplay. Stamina during sex can also be significantly increased with the masturbator, which in turn will also benefit the woman as well.

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