The Womanizer at ORION

For the best orgasm in the world: Yours.

  • Contactless stimulation of the clitoris
  • No accustoming to the product
  • No overstimulation
  • Makes multiple orgasms possible

Discover the Orgasm Wonder Womanizer - an overview of the Womanizer models

We think that it's your right to have an orgasm and that is why you have to take a look at this toy! The Womanizer now has a reputation in the industry for being an “orgasm wonder” for women – and there’s good reason for this. It's contactless (so there's no overstimulation) and therefore makes multiple orgasms possible. How does that work? It only uses pulsating pressure waves that gently but intensely stimulate the clitoris. The Womanizer is neither a dildo nor vibrator – the innovative Pleasure Air Technology can't be compared to other conventional toys on the market.

Money-back-orgasm guarantee:

If you haven't experienced an orgasm with your Womanizer up to 30 days after delivery you will get a refund. Just write the note "orgasm guarantee" on your invoice.

Valid for all Womanizers.

There are currently 6 different Womanizer models available in different designs at ORION. All the devices have the unique Pleasure Air Technology, which creates the gentle to intense sucking impulses and gives women intense stimulation. We'll introduce you to each individual model in detail below. Extensive tables, video explanations and detailed descriptions – this comparison of all the Womanizers will leave no question unanswered. You'll also find out what the secret is behind the unique "Pleasure Air Technology"!

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New: Womanizer Duo

Experience the double amount of pleasure: the Womanizer Duo offers clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time!
The Womanizer Duo - just like the premium model - is equipped with the innovative Smart Silence™ technology. In addition to that, the design has been reworked so the Duo can reach your G-spot even better. Apart from the 12 intensity levels, the vibration arm now also offers 10 different modes for a lot of variety.


  • Patented Pleasure Air™ technology
  • Pleasure Air: 12 intensity levels
  • Vibrator: 12 intensity levels
  • Smart Silence™
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Waterproof (IPX7 standard)
  • Battery run time: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Very soft silicone surface (hypoallergenic, medical quality)
  • Rechargeable (Magnetic Charging)
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The handy one: Womanizer Liberty

That is the idea behind the new, easy-to-hold Womanizer Liberty. It is small, light and has a practical cover for closing - perfect for on the go!


  • Patented Pleasure Air technology®
  • Travel cover with magnetic closing mechanism
  • 6 NEW intensity levels
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Easy to use with two buttons
  • Rechargeable (Magnetic Charging)
  • LED with charging level indication
  • Battery run time: 120 mins
  • Charging time: 60 mins
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The Professional Model: Womanizer Premium

Your orgasms will be even more intense with the Womanizer Premium, thanks to its new features. This model is slightly different to the other Womanizer models because not only does it have the patented Pleasure Air Technology, which can make you climax because of its contactless stimulation of the clitoris, it also has a Smart Silence and Autopilot function. The Premium model also has 12 intensity levels (just like the Womanizer W500 Pro) – however the levels have been improved so that they help you reach orgasm in a nicer, gentler way.
Smart Silence: as soon as you put this toy down, it immediately stops vibrating. This means that nobody will notice anything if they come into your room unexpectedly. The Womanizer can sense you. It only turns itself on again just before the stimulation head comes into contact with your skin.
Autopilot: You can enjoy the Autopilot mode with your Womanizer Premium model. The randomly generated stimulation patterns add more variety to your pleasure and you can prolong your orgasm as well. Let this Womanizer surprise you! You can be sure that it'll be different every time you use it!


  • Patented Pleasure Air technology®
  • New ergonomical design
  • Whisper quiet mode 42 dB
  • 8 vibration modes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Battery run time: 3 hours
  • Soft, body-safe silicone
  • High-quality storage bag and 2 stimulation heads (in different sizes) are included
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The Classic Model: Womanizer Classic

The Womanizer Classic's design has been completely revised just like the Premium version. The new shape is easy to hold, the controls are easier to use and the flatter stimulation head now fits around a woman's clitoris even better than before. This means that you can just relax, concentrate on yourself and enjoy the pulsating pressure waves' 8 adjustable levels. The Womanizer Classic and Premium are charged in a different way to the other models (magnetic charging). The charging time for the Womanizer Classic is only 3 hours instead of 4 hours. You can enjoy the Womanizer Classic in the bath or the shower just like you can with the Premium model and various other models.


  • Patented Pleasure Air technology
  • New ergonomical design
  • Whisper quiet mode 42 dB
  • 8 vibration modes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Battery run time: 3 hours
  • Soft, body-safe silicone
  • High-quality storage bag and 2 stimulation heads (in different sizes) are included
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The Unique Model: Womanizer InsideOut

The Womanizer Inside Out is the first Womanizer that combines contactless stimulation of the clitoris with vaginal stimulation. The top part of the Womanizer Inside Out stimulates the clitoris with 12 pulsating intensity levels. The stimulation is completely contactless, thanks to the patented Pleasure Air Technology. The bottom part of the Womanizer Inside Out is a flexible vibrator. The vibrator skilfully massages the G-spot with 12 vibration levels. The different modes can be controlled separately. This combination of contactless clitoral stimulation and G-spot massage lets women experience very intense orgasms. Once it is charged, the Womanizer Inside Out is able to provide 2 hours of pure pleasure. It is waterproof and can therefore be used in the bath or the shower. The Womanizer Inside Out’s pulsator head is swappable. The Womanizer Inside Out is in an elegant black colour and has beautiful gold-coloured parts as well. It can be stored in the included storage bag.


  • Patented Pleasure Air technology
  • 12 Pleasure Air intensity levels
  • 12 vibration modes
  • Separate Pleasure Air and vibration control
  • Flexible G-Spot dildo with strong vibration
  • 100% waterproof
  • Whisper quiet mode 42 dB
  • Soft, body-safe silicone
  • Rechargeable (Magnetic Charging)
  • Battery run time: 2 hours
  • High-quality packaging in a leather look
  • 2 stimulation heads (normal + XL)
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The Little Model: Womanizer Starlet

The Womanizer Starlet is guaranteed to give you intense stimulation on the go. The extremely light Starlet is 8.5 cm and therefore the smallest device in the Womanizer range. You will be able to enjoy the Womanizer Starlet and its unique Pleasure Air Technology on the go. The pulsating pressure waves provide spot-on contactless stimulation of the clitoris in 4 different intensity levels. The battery run time is shorter with this model than with the other Womanizers but the Starlet probably won't need that long to help you reach your intense orgasm. It needs to be charged for 30 minutes once the battery has run out so that it can be ready for action when it’s needed. The Starlet isn't waterproof like the other Womanizers but it is splash-proof.


  • Patented Pleasure Air technology®
  • Very small, easy to hold and lightweight
  • Easy one button control
  • 4 intensity levels
  • Splash-proof (IPX4 Standard)
  • Swappable stimulation head
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB
  • Battery run time: 30 minutes
  • Charging time: 30 minutes
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How to use the Womanizer & accessories

The Womanizer’s opening gets placed directly onto the clitoris. The Womanizer attachment should cover the entire clitoris so that a vacuum can be created once the device is switched on. Try out each stimulation head size first and then turn on the device once the attachment you want to use is in place. You can adjust the level of stimulation with the buttons on the device. You can also turn off the Womanizer with the On/Off button if the intensity becomes too strong for you. Tip: use a bit of water-based lubricant with the Womanizer – you’ll then be able to move it around the clitoris more easily, which means that you’ll experience more intense orgasms!

A Comparison Of All The Womanizer Models

Feature Duo Liberty Classic Premium InsideOut Starlet
Patented Pleasure Air technology
Contactless stimulation of the clitoris
Multiple orgasms are possible
Smart Silence
intensity levels 12 6 8 12 12 4
Whisper quiet mode 42 dB
Swappable stimulation head
XL stimulation head
100% waterproof
Size (cm) 20,3 10,4 14,8 15,5 19,2 8,5

You can remove the silicone head after use and clean it with water and a sex toy cleaner. The waterproof models can be put under running water and wiped clean. Please use a damp cloth to clean the Womanizer Starlet. There are replacement heads available separately if you want to change your stimulation head at any time.

How to use the Womanizer with your partner

The womanizer isn’t just for moments of pleasure alone. Experience has shown that it’s quite the opposite – the womanizer can enrich your sex life with your partner. You’ll be able to try out new things, and you’ll be able to experience and enjoy extremely arousing moments of pleasure in positions where normally it’s your partner who’s the main one getting stimulated. Here are a few examples of how you can use the Womanizer and in which positions as well:


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the Womanizer vs. a traditional vibrator?

The difference between the Womanizer and a vibrator is the way it stimulates you. The Womanizer uses pulsating pressure waves to stimulate you instead of vibrations. This means that, unlike a vibrator, the can make intense contactless stimulation possible. It stimulates the clitoris and therefore helps you climax quicker and have more intense orgasms – multiple orgasms are also possible because there is no overstimulation.

Is the Womanizer waterproof and can I use it in the bath?

It depends on the model. The Womanizer Classic, Premium, InsideOut, W500 Pro, Plus Size, Pro40 andthe Womanizer 2GO are all waterproof and can be used in the bath or the shower.
The Womanizer Starlet is only splash-proof.

Is the Womanizer also suitable for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm?

Definitely. The spot-on stimulation and the different attachments make it possible for women (even those who normally have difficulty climaxing) to enjoy arousing feelings of pleasure. Over 50% of the 60 testers in a survey had an orgasm in under 1 minute. 76% of the testers described their orgasms as “very intense”. 73% of the testers had multiple orgasms.

I am new to sex toys – Is the Womanizer suitable for beginners?

Yes. The Womanizer is suitable for all women. The different intensity levels mean that beginners can enjoy hours of pleasure with the Womanizer. You can increase the intensity of the impulses over time.

Why does the Womanizer light up red and green?

Some models have a green and a red LED light for indicating the battery level. This is what each light means:
Continuous green light: battery is fully charged
Continuous red light: device is ready for use
Flashing green light: battery is charging
Flashing red light: battery has almost run out, charge device

Why does my Womanizer turns itself off after 30 minutes?

The Womanizer will automatically turn itself off to avoid overheating if it is being used over a long period of time. It will turn itself off after approx. 30 minutes. It can then be used again for 30 minutes, once it has cooled down.

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