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Gifts for couples are a perfect gift. Buying the gift and the excitement before it has been opened provide that wonderful thrilling feeling. Unwrapping them together will fuel the desire to try them out and you can look forward to a sensual time together.

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Sensual lingerie

Treat yourself to some seductive lingerie that you can wear underneath your everyday clothes and let your partner unwrap you ...

Packages & sets for even more variety

Can't you decide? Why don't you try a set and discover all the exciting possibilities together with your partner.

Treat Yourself!

Exclusive gifts that are sure to delight. Or just keep them for yourself ...

For the naughty ones ...

Enough with the cuddling. Go wild ...

Massage the everyday stress away ...

Erotic Gifts – Sensual Surprises
for every occasion

Erotic gifts always guarantee some thrilling moments. Surprise your partner with one of our favourites or buy yourself a gift for a little bit of variety in your daily routine. An erotic all-time favourite is sensual lingerie – it is a great gift for any occasion. The seductive lingerie is a timeless classic, lets the wearer feel incredibly erotic and makes a man's heart beat faster. Our sexy black lingerie will make you look incredibly erotic - combine it with some erotic sex toys to really ignite your sex life.

Erotic Gift Ideas – Thrilling Gift
Sets or Make Your Own?

You can create your own erotic gift set to suit your tastes or you can choose one of our gift sets. The gifts are from different categories. You can surprise your partner in between times with a little gift like a vibro-bullet, blindfold or love balls, or you could add it to a main gift as a sexy extra. If everyday life starts becoming stressful, you could treat your partner to a sensual massage and provide them with some well-deserved relaxation time. On the other hand, exclusive gift ideas – like a Womanizer or a masturbator – mean that you can please both men and women! There is also a suitable erotic gift for people who have been naughty last year so that they’re not left empty-handed – the sex toys from our Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker range cater to both bondage beginners and bondage lovers because they have a large selection of erotic items. Let your imagination run wild and surprise yourself and your partner with thrilling, seductive gifts!

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