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Do you sometimes wonder what happens in German bedrooms? Our social media team is always looking for new trends and topics when it comes to love, pleasure and passion. Have a look at the exciting developments and get some inspiration: It’ll be worth it!

Mindfulness Movement - Mindful Sex

If the exceptional situation of the last few months has taught our love life anything, it’s that we should be mindful and enjoy things to the fullest. We are free from the pressure of having to deliver the perfect "performance", the goal of an orgasm is put aside and the focus is placed on concentrating on your own and your partner's body and surrendering to the present moment.

Trend - Green Sex

We try to ban harmful substances from the kitchen, the bathroom and, if possible, from the car - why not from the bedroom as well? Sustainability has long since ceased to have anything to do with going without or a guilty conscience. Quite the opposite: it's fun, aesthetic, pleasure-oriented and has also become a present topic in the erotic industry. You can get tips for a fair and sustainable sex life here.

Climaxing with an app? We can show you how...

The last few months have been very challenging, especially for couples who are physically separated from each other. It's therefore really great that virtual sex is now a possible – you’ll both be able to enjoy pleasurable climaxes. Just connect to your partner's sex toy to your mobile phone. Isn’t it exciting being able to give your partner an orgasm even though they are at the other side of the world? Or maybe just in the next room or at the office, etc...

Lace and straps

Every piece of lingerie becomes extremely sexy with straps. After all, they show off your curves in the best way possible - regardless of your figure and size. Now that's seductive!

Men want to play too...

Fortunately, the days when sex toys for men consisted exclusively of rubber dolls are long gone. Nowadays, sex toys for him are anything but a joke and are absolutely acceptable. They are smart, realistic and revolutionary – you can now look forward to a whole new generation of high-tech toys.

Stimulating E-stimulation

Because tingles, thrills and pulsations are so wonderful! However, if you don't feel like electric stimulation, you can just enjoy these pleasure-givers with vibration.

Don't be put in a box

It doesn’t matter if it's about your body, your preferences or our toys. We do not allow you to be forced into idealised norms. Love your way!


Discover the possibilities. The new all-rounders pleasure both men and women during sensual solo play or as a creative couple’s toy!

Hormone-free contraception

Fewer and fewer women want to be exposed to regular hormone intake and are therefore switching to hormone-free contraception. We want to challenge the idea that it's always boring and that not much can be felt. Let us convince you:

Hot bangin'

Although sex toys are more about inner values, the trend of bright colours shouldn't be overlooked.

The basic equipment for those wanting to reach a hot climax

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Erotic Sex Toy Trends and Novelties

This year you can also expect lots of erotic sex toy trends and novelties which are just as exciting and satisfying for men, women and couples. The selection of sophisticated and very innovative sex toys is getting larger and larger – because a vibrator isn’t just a vibrator. The erotic trends in will definitely spice up your sex life, whether it’s new sex toys that have been specially developed for a man’s needs or sex toys that provide women with countless orgasms. Some of the novelties are particularly sophisticated, others are jam-packed with the latest technology – however, all the new sex toys have one thing in common: they will give you lots of orgasms and make your sex life more fun and more diverse. We are going to tell you about the erotic sex toy trends and novelties in.

New Sex Toys for Women: Very Modern and Extremely Aesthetic

The time when women had to be ashamed of their sexuality is thankfully over. It’s quite the opposite now – countless women worldwide are discovering their sexuality in a completely new and exciting way, and they are finding out about their sexual preferences which they would like to try out. Furthermore, vibrators can have the craziest and the most arousing shapes nowadays as well. From the famous Womanizer that drives women all over the world crazy because it intensely stimulates the clitoris to anal vibrators, tongue-shaped vibrators and lay-on vibrators – the selection of new sex toys for women is enormous. Innovation meets feminine aesthetic in – because the sex toys for women don’t just stand out with their incredible functionality, they also stand out because of their fancy and high-quality designs as well. The design of new sex toys doesn’t have much to do with the classic dildo or vibrator. Fancy arms for stimulating the clitoris, pearl vibrators with vibrating beads in the vibrator, high-quality material as well as classic elegance make the sex toys real eye-catchers. A very erotic combination that will make the new year reach a seductive climax.

New Sex Toys for Men: Realistic Stimulation

Attention all men! has numerous sex toys for you that will revolutionise masturbation. Fleshlights, penis pumps or innovative masturbators – the selection of erotic and high-quality sex toys for men is getting larger. The new sex toys don’t just combine modern designs with innovative technology, they also promise a lot of fun and countless orgasms – whenever and as often as you want! Masturbators especially remain the most popular kind of sex toy for men. The masturbator is to a man what a vibrator is to a woman – from fancy pleasure canals in the masturbator that replicates vaginal or anal sex to an automatic suction function for a realistic blow job experience. There are a lot of new things to discover in the world of male sex toys. Some of the sex toys even have a sound function with authentic moans or dirty talk. Some of the sex toys also come with a warming function and this turns masturbation into an unforgettable experience. The masturbators also have various vibration modes, pressure functions as well as lots of other functions that can stimulate your penis in an indescribably intense way and help you have multiple orgasms. These innovative sex toys take men’s solo fun to a completely new level!

New Sex Toys for Couples: Fun for Everyone

More and more couples are using sex toys during love-making to add more variety and erotism to their love lives – the same sex position and the same kind of stimulation can get boring over time. That is why sex toys for couples are becoming more and more popular. Couples use sex toys that are specifically designed for love-making such as couple vibrators and double dildos but they also use toys that can be used for solo and couple fun too. has a lot of new sex toys for couples that can spice up your sex life. The sex toys don’t just stand out with innovative and very modern functionality but also with their extremely exciting and playful designs. The sex toy industry also profits from the wonderful modern technology. New technical games let you discover a new side to your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship. Sex toys with app control or a remote control are real pleasure-givers that enrich any relationship. You can control the different vibration rhythms and intensities, that you want to enjoy with your partner, at the push of a button and can therefore control all their pleasure. This means that you have an innovative vibrator that brings both partners together in a completely new way and spices up your love life. However, vibro-cock rings and finger vibrators also enrich your love life and let you discover your partner’s body in an entirely new way as well. You could stimulate your partner’s clitoris with a finger vibrator while she’s being pleasured vaginally at the same time. will definitely be a playful and extremely erotic year for couples who love experimenting.

New Year, New Sex Toys for Everyone

Whether they are for single ladies, solo men or couples – the world of new sex toys for has a lot to offer. The selection of new sex toys for women is unlimited – from the sophisticated Womanizer and Satisfyer that have made it into countless women’s bedrooms worldwide to very modern and extremely aesthetic vibrators that intensely stimulate your G-spot and clitoris. However, men also get their money’s worth in. Men will find everything for pleasurable stimulation and erotic climaxes – from a masturbator with an automatic suction function to penis pumps and Fleshlights. Couples in particular are discovering new preferences in bed and are also using the latest sex toys for more variety and eroticism during sex.

* All the sex facts are from the ORION Sex Reports (2018–2022)

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