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It’s mainly women who have difficulties having an orgasm but it’s not always easy for men to reach orgasm without problems either. That is why it is important to know your own body, e.g. with self-pleasure. It is also important to relax during couple sex and to take your time looking for pleasure spots and the right positions as well. Even though climaxing feels amazing, 79% of women and 66% of men can enjoy sex without having an orgasm.

The Best Toys for Intense Orgasms

Tips to help women reach orgasm more easily

• Get to know your body with self-pleasure
• Include and explore your whole body
• Try out new positions/techniques
• Pelvic floor training with love balls

A woman's pleasure spots and where to find them…

A-spot… between the G-spot and the cervix
G-spot… approx. 5 cm inside the vagina
C-spot… clitoris
U-spot …at the end of the urethra

The Best Toys for the G-spot

The G-spot is the favourite pleasure spot for 48% of women.

The Best Toys for the Clitoris

The clitoris is the favourite pleasure spot for 78% of women.

Top 4 Categories

Tips for Men

• Masturbate regularly
• Try out new techniques/toys
• Additionally stimulate the testicles/prostate
• Delay an orgasm with the stop-start technique

The Best Toys for the Penis & Prostate

Support, delay, stability, stamina…

1 in 4 men stimulate their prostate during sex.

The best categories to help you have an orgasm

Accessories – Basic Equipment for Hot Climaxes

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My boyfriend rarely comes during sex, what can I do to make him come more often?

Talk about the issue openly. Does he feel pressured during sex? Is he distracted by other things? Is he nervous? Does he have medical problems? Or does he have sexual desires that he is afraid to talk about? Alternatively, you could try to give him a special blow job where you explore all of his hotspots – the glans, frenulum, shaft, testicles, perineum and even the prostate. If you notice that one of these areas is particularly sensitive, then focus more on stimulating that area. Does he come easily during masturbation? Ask him to pleasure himself in front of you to find out exactly what he likes.

He comes very quickly – what can I do about it?

There are many different options but don't try everything at once because he shouldn’t overexert himself. A cock ring, for example, not only ensures that an erection is maintained for a long time, it can also help to delay ejaculation as well. There are also various sprays in our shop that can desensitise certain areas. Alternatively, you can try different slow sex positions where he can't penetrate as deeply or penetrate too quickly. Nervousness can also be a factor that can resolve itself with patience the longer you are together.

I can't make my girlfriend come during sex. What can I do?

There are many different ways to explore her hotspots. First of all, ask her what she particularly likes. Does she have specific wishes and desires? If she doesn't know exactly what she wants, use your fingers and mouth to find out. Various kinds of vibrations can also produce powerful reactions. The clitoris is probably the most sensitive and easily aroused area. Try a pulsator if you can't arouse her with your tongue or vibrations. The G-spot, which is located five centimetres inside the vagina towards the abdominal wall and feels slightly rough when she’s aroused, can also be stimulated with a vibrator or when you are in the doggy style position. Get to know your partner properly and build up the trust between you so that she opens up to you. Maybe she just hasn’t been brave enough to talk about her needs to you.

Why do I only come during masturbation and not during sex?

You are in control when you masturbate and you know exactly what you like and what you don't like. You also move the way you like when you are pleasuring yourself as well. Your partner might not know all this and can only guess what you like. Talk to them and give them specific feedback during sex. You could also masturbate in front of your partner and show them exactly what makes you come and how you like to be touched. Alternatively, you can also play with your hotspots during sex as well.

I want to orgasm (during sex) but I can't

Do you come during masturbation? If this is the case, you should ask yourself what exactly it is you like when you masturbate and what makes you come. Then try to do this during sex. You can either do it yourself while you're having sex or you can ask your partner to pleasure your favourite hotspot instead. If you don't come during masturbation either, relax and try to get to know your body and your needs. Lubricant will make hotspots smoother and more receptive to touch. You could also try different toys and different types of vibrations as well. A pulsator or even extra low frequency vibrations can take your pleasure to new level.

I don't come when I use a condom during sex. What can I do?

Not being able to come when wearing a condom is often a mental thing. Do you have the feeling that condoms don't fit you properly? Then maybe you should try a condom brand that has condoms for different penis diameters. If a condom is too loose, you will be distracted and worried about it slipping off during sex. On the other hand, it can also feel uncomfortable if the condom is too tight. If you tend to worry too much when you wear a condom, try to masturbating with a one more often so that you get used to how it feels when you wear one. You can also use a condom with dots to give you extra stimulation. Alternatively, you could try a cock ring. A cock ring has a blood congestion effect that will help to keep your erection long and hard.

I have never come before, is that my fault?

Don't blame yourself. Your body is precious and you shouldn't blame yourself if something doesn't work out the way you want it to. Don't put pressure on yourself – try to relax instead. Explore all your hotspots with your fingers and toys. Different types of vibrations can also feel different and can help you orgasm. For example, a pulsator placed directly on the clitoris can provide particularly strong sensations. You could also try deep vibrations as well. Experiment with lots of things and don't put any pressure on yourself.

I only ever come with clitoral stimulation (even during masturbation). Do you have any tips?

A clitoral orgasm is easy to achieve. Coming vaginally is generally difficult. Don't give up if you can’t do it straight away. The best way to come vaginally is to stimulate the G-spot or the A-spot. The G-spot is located about 5 centimetres inside the vagina towards the abdominal wall. It feels slightly rough when you are aroused. You can hit this spot precisely and stimulate it directly with a G-spot vibrator. The A-spot is located a little further inside the vagina, just before the cervix, and it is just as sensitive. There are also special vibrators that stimulate this area as well. Furthermore, you can also try positions during sex where the other person can easily reach your G-spot.

How can I (female) delay my orgasm? I always come very quickly.

Talk to your partner and maybe take a break when you are about to orgasm. We also have sprays in our shop that can desensitise you and delay your orgasm. Are there certain positions that make you come particularly quickly? Try other positions and take it slow.

Can I take too long to reach orgasm during couple’s sex if I masturbate too much?

By masturbating a lot, you get to know your own body and what you like. Use this knowledge and share it with your partner, then you will also come quickly during sex. If you use extreme methods to make yourself come several times a day, your hotspots might not be as sensitive as they used to be and you might have problems coming in general. However, for this to happen, you have to have used extreme things that are not toys – for example using an electric toothbrush several times a day. With normal toys and a lubricant with Aloe vera or hyaluronan, you can pleasure yourself every day without desensitising the skin on and around your hotspots.

How do I avoid overstimulation without toys?

Use a lubricant with Aloe vera or hyaluronan. This makes the area extremely smooth and prevents overstimulation. Change position so that a hotspot can't be pleasured in the same area for too long. Pay attention to your body. Depending on your hormone levels, some sensitive spots are more sensitive than others on some days. It can also help if you change the type of stimulation and the hotspot.

I can't keep my erection when I wear a condom during sex. What can I do?

Make sure your condom fits properly. There are several brands of condoms that have different sizes for different penis circumferences. That way, you don't have to worry about it slipping off during sex. Get used to the condom and see it as a positive thing – this should help you to stop worrying about it. Use a condom more often during masturbation. You can also combine a condom with a cock ring or use a condom with an integrated cock ring. A cock ring has a blood congestion effect that will help to keep your erection long and hard.

My penis becomes flaccid too quickly. How can I get it hard again quickly?

Do you put too much pressure on yourself? Do you get nervous easily? Is there a medical reason? If that’s the case, you should seek medical advice. If you are nervous and feel pressured, take it easy and try to relax. A cock ring can also help you to maintain your erection. Alternatively, you can train your penis with a penis pump.

How can a man increase his ability to orgasm?

Have you explored all the hotspots? It’s not just the penis and diverse stimulation of the glans, shaft and frenulum that can help a man orgasm. Additional stimulation by stroking and kissing the testicles, perineum and anus can be arousing too. The prostate should not be left out either because it is effectively THE man's hotspot and it can also make him orgasm too. Be careful and use lots of lubricant to explore this spot. It is located about five centimetres inside the anus towards the abdominal wall. It is very easy to feel with your finger and a little bit of lubricant. It can then be stimulated in an exciting way if you move your finger in a "come hither" motion. There are also special lubricants for the anus and toys that find the prostate very easily. You could also try a cock ring as well. Not only does it make your erection harder and last longer, but it also makes pleasure more intense as well.

I (female) don't feel anything during oral sex. What can I do?

Tell them exactly what you want. Try to find out, together with your partner, what you particularly like and where you would like to be touched the most. Try stimulating gels that can create a tingling effect on the skin. If oral sex still doesn't work for you, you can also try toys during oral sex that will target your hotspots.

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