Rabbit Vibrators

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Experience lustful highlights with rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are real allrounders among sex toys. Since Charlotte York, a character of cult series Sex and the City, fell in love with a rabbit many women cannot imagine their love life without them. No surprise as you can experience so-called double orgasms with a bunny vibrator and just a little practice.

Double stimulation – double lust

Rabbit vibrators take their name from their clit stimulator that resembles rabbit ears. It stimulates your clitoris with soft to strong vibrations - that is left to your own pleasurable sensations. Meanwhile, the penis-shaped shaft stimulates you vaginally. Both functions can be controlled separately so you can indulge yourself following your individual needs and switch between the functions. Some models can be connected to your smartphone thus easing the operability. Thanks to the simultaneous stimulation of clitoris and G-spot you can experience a double climax. By the way: The rabbit ears of your bunny vibrator are flexible and bendy to cling to your body and therefore can caress your clitoris optimally when the vibrator is inserted. As rabbit vibrators are made of silicone you should only use water-based lubricants.

Rabbit vibrators give variety

Dedicate yourself to your lust with a little rabbit vibrator. The more you delay your orgasm the more likely you will experience a double orgasm. Rabbit vibrators can also be used for anal stimulation thus pleasing your partner. Let yourself be indulged by your partner using the rabbit or let your partner watch when you use it yourself. Because of its versatility it will never get boring.