Vibrators for Couples

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Couple’s vibrators to spice up your love life

A couple’s vibrator stimulates both partners at the same time with its rhythmic stimulations and encourages them to try out new positions. A couple vibrator is very flexible, which means it adapts well to any body shape. Thanks to its smooth surface, it can be inserted both anally and vaginally during sexual intercourse. Let your imagination run wild and surrender to the exciting vibrations of these sex toys.

If you have been with your partner for some time, it can happen that a certain monotony has crept into your sex life. You know each other’s bodies by heart and feel like trying something new. In such situations, sex toys for couples are a great way to spice up your sex life and rekindle the intense feeling of your first encounter. With sex toys for couples, you can experience pleasurable, tingling moments that you can share and get back to having a lot of fun together. Couple vibrators are more than just vibrating satisfyers. Couple’s vibrators are the key to magical sex adventures and breathtaking orgasms that you can experience together.

The right couple’s vibrator for every taste

A couple’s vibrator comes in different shapes and colours. Among the partner vibrators are models that can be placed on all erogenous zones or partner vibrators that are inserted into the anus and vagina at the same time. Both models have their appeal and are chosen according to individual preferences. A couple’s vibrator usually has different levels of vibration that can be controlled directly on the vibrator.

Couple’s vibrators with remote control

Making love becomes even more exciting when you choose a couple’s vibrator with remote or smartphone control. Your partner can take control of the different vibration levels during lovemaking and thus delay the orgasm even longer. A couple’s vibrator with remote control can also turn everyday life into an adventure, as your partner can be fully pleasured from a distance by spontaneous vibrations. The broad grin at the cash register is therefore not necessarily due to the special price.

Popular products for men are, for example, the remote-controlled penis ring or the masturbator with vibration mode. Some products work with rechargeable batteries, others are battery-operated. Most partner vibrators are waterproof and provide stimulating and delightful moments of pleasure even in the shower.

Lubricant for even more fun

The partner vibrator is easier to insert with the help of lubricant. Lubricant also ensures pleasant lubrication during lovemaking and can prevent pain. Since the vibrator is usually made of body-safe silicone, the lubricant must be water-based, otherwise the sensitive silicone can be damaged. Our assortment includes a variety of high-quality and tested products that will enhance your sex life. After use, the couple’s vibrator should be cleaned with mild soap and a toy cleaner.