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Sex dolls for moments of pleasure

If you want to have sex but don´t have a partner or they aren´t in the mood, then you can have fun with a sex doll instead. We have something for everyone because our dolls come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is inflate the doll once it has arrived and then the fun can begin.

A perfect doll for everybody

The majority of a sex doll is usually made out of PVC. It is up to you whether you want to enjoy a realistic body or whether just a head for oral pleasure is enough. We have lots of different dolls for you to choose from – they have different coloured eyes, hair and skin. You can decide whether you want a blue-eyed blonde or a brown-eyed brunette. Some dolls have hair printed on and others have hair that looks extremely real. The majority of dolls are approx. 1.60 metres (5ft 2in) tall and have three holes (vagina, mouth and anus) that they can pleasure you with. Some dolls also have an integrated vibrator for intense pleasure. You can choose between a thin or curvy figure and big or small breasts. We also have male dolls in our assortment as well.
Sex dolls will fulfil all your fantasies. The softer the material, the more realistic the doll will feel. Not only are inflatable dolls great fun at home, but they are also perfect companions on trips because they can fit into your suitcase easily. They can join you on your summer holidays or they can be waiting for you in your hotel room if you are on a business trip.

How to look after and clean your doll

Do not over-inflate your doll because it could burst. Leave your doll for 5 minutes so that the air inside the doll gets evenly distributed. The doll will come into contact with bodily fluids and should therefore always be cleaned after use. You can also use a toy cleaner. Wash your doll with a cloth, then turn the holes (e.g. vagina, mouth and anus) inside out if possible and rinse these parts out thoroughly.