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Intimate douches prepare you for pleasurable sex

Intimate douches are perfect for ensuring a hygienic sex experience. They can be used for the vagina or anus. Hygiene is very important when having sex as bacteria can spread quickly because of the body´s warm temperature and moisture. However, an intimate douche can also be used solely for the erotic experience.

Intimate douches for thrilling fun in the shower

Our intimate douches are high-quality and come in different shapes and sizes. Some are pump balls which are filled with water and others are penis-shaped attachments that fix onto the shower hose. The pump balls are made out of PVC and ABS and can have different types of attachments. They are especially good for if you are travelling or if a quick clean is needed. The shower hose attachments are made out of aluminium and have holes at the end for the water to squirt out of. Not only do douches ensure hygiene and cleanliness, but they can also be very stimulating – these thrilling feelings can also be enjoyed in the shower with douches that can be attached to the shower hose. You can enjoy this arousing feeling any time of day – it´s the perfect prelude to sex. If you use the intimate douche anally, it will gently stretch your anus making anal sex even more fun. A water-based lubricant can help a douche slide in more easily. You should also clean an intimate douche after use – a special toy cleaner is perfect for this.

After cleaning and before the erotic climax

Some people experience pleasure just by using the intimate douche. However, we have lots of other great sex toys in our online shop if you just see a douche as stimulating preparation for sex and if you are wanting some more variety in the bedroom. Dildos and vibrators can be integrated into your sex life and you will experience intense moments of pleasure with them. Anal dildos and anal beads are also stimulating toys that can be enjoyed after an intimate douche. Let our products inspire you!