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Electro sex for unbelievable stimulation

Electro sex toys really get under your skin and are now no longer just used in the BDSM scene. The feeling that you get from the electrical impulses is incomparable to other sex toys. Experts wanting new, exciting and intense pleasure will find what they are looking for in our electro sex toy assortment, however curious beginners will also find suitable products in our e-stim range.

How does electro sex work?

Currents with electrical impulses gently stimulate your nerve endings during electro sex. The erogenous zones in particular are where intense pleasure can be felt. The toys use a direct current, also known as electrical stimulation, which is a lot safer than an alternating current. The impulses that are sent are stronger than the impulses from your body´s own nerve endings. These means that you feel slight tingles, throbbing or strong pulsations depending on how sensitive you are and the thickness of your skin. You can adjust the intensity with different electrical stimulation devices, so that you can enjoy the best stimulation possible. Lots of sex toys also give you the option of adjusting the impulses levels. You can also control the duration of the impulses. Electro toys are suitable for both men and woman. Men can enjoy intense electro stimulation with cock rings, butt plugs or cock cages and women find dildos and nipple clamps very arousing. Couples can also pleasure each other with electro toys – special electro stimulation massage gloves are perfect for this.

Is electro sex dangerous?

You should always be careful when using electricity and that is why you should read a lot about this type of stimulation before you try it out and you should also read the product´s instruction manual. Please also pay attention to the following points before enjoying electro sex:
• Electrical stimulation devices should not be attached to the area around the heart, to the head or the throat area (larynx/pharynx)
• People with heart problems should not use e-stim
• The devices should not be used under water and skin should be dry before an e-stim device is used
• Do not attach electrodes to broken or irritated skin
• Piercings and other types of metal should be removed from areas where the electrical current will flow.
If you follow these instructions you will be able to enjoy your electro sex toy and the intense tingling pleasure you get from it. Discover all our electro sex toys and enjoy more variety in the bedroom.