Come on your own

Self-pleasure is a date with yourself where you can concentrate entirely on your own body. You will discover new pleasure spots, you can learn what makes you reach orgasm and you can then show your partner what you like. Masturbation also improves couple sex: it increases the chance of a woman having an orgasm and it helps men improve their self-control so that they can last longer.

13% of men masturbate daily but only 7% of women do – they have some catching up to do. 1 in 4 people masturbate 3-4 times a week – this number is the same for men and women.

The Top 4 Toys for Self-pleasure

41% use toys for masturbation, 35% use their hand and a toy to masturbate.

Good Reasons to Masturbate

• You get to know your body and pleasure spots
• It improves your ability to orgasm and trains your potency
• It improves couple sex
• Your preferences have priority
• You are doing something nice for yourself
• No speed or performance pressure.

The Top Toys for the G-spot, Clitoris, Nipples & Co.

75% of women say that the clitoris their favourite pleasure spot but half of the women say that the slightly hidden G-spot is their favourite pleasure spot. It is therefore a good idea to explore your body and it’s even easier to find these spots with toys. 58% of women masturbate with a toy and 38% of women masturbate using both their hands and toys.

Self-pleasure – Tips for Women

• Go on a date with yourself wearing beautiful lingerie
• Try out new positions/techniques
• Include and explore your whole body
• Masturbate regularly to stimulate the pleasure nerves
• Train your pelvic floor with love balls

The Top Categories for the G-spot, Clitoris, Nipples & Co.

The Best Toys for the Penis, Testicles, Anus & Co.

31% of men use toys during masturbation – for more variety and more intense stimulation. A third also uses their hand and a toy so that they have complete control over their orgasm.

Self-pleasure – Tips for Men

Try out new techniques
• Additionally stimulate the testicles/prostate
• Delay your orgasm again and again

The Best Categories for the Penis, Testicles, Anus & Co.

Pleasure points... and where to find them.

A-spot... between the G-spot and the cervix
G-spot... approx. 5 cm inside the vagina
C-spot... clitoris
P-Spot... prostate
U-spot... at the end of the urethra.

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Accessories – Basic Equipment for Hot Climaxes


What do I do if my partner is jealous of a toy?

Have an open conversation with your partner. You can tell them that there is no reason to be jealous of toys. A toy is just an extra thing that is used during your personal moments and lovemaking. You can also tell them that you can be with them on a much more intimate level which is something that you can’t achieve with toys.

How do I get start masturbating if I’m a woman?

The first thing you should do is get in the mood. Read a stimulating book or watch an erotic film. Explore all your hotspots and caress your nipples, pubic area, vulva, anus and especially your clitoris. Find out what you like the best and include toys. There are also lots of different ways to pleasure yourself with toys. Try classic vibrations, low-frequency vibrations or a pulsator. Don't forget to use lubricant to make it wonderfully smooth.

Is it ok to masturbate if you’re in a relationship?

Of course it is. Think of it as a bit of me time where you can relax and enjoy yourself. 83% of our customers are in a relationship and 85% of them also pleasure themselves and say that it's fine that their partner pleasures themselves. The majority of our customers are clearly in favour of this.

How can I squirt? (Women)

There are many different ways to squirt. Some women get turned on by stimulating the G-spot but other people can squirt when they pleasure their clitoris. The spongy tissue behind the G-spot on the urethra can also lead to squirting when it’s stimulated. You can use lots of different toys for this and you can also vary the type of stimulation as well. High or low frequency vibrations or a pulsator in the right places can provide excellent results. Find a place where you can get wet – for example in the bath or the shower. Some women feel as if they are about to urinate just before they squirt. This can be irritating and you can suppress this feeling but if you suppress it, you would be suppressing the squirting too. If this isn’t successful, you should train your pelvic floor with love balls. You can only squirt properly if you have strong pelvic floor muscles.

I think it’s "disgusting" putting fingers in my vagina. How can I stop feeling like that?

Ask yourself exactly what you don't like about it. Is it because your fingernails are too sharp and you feel uncomfortable? Cut your fingernails or alternatively use a finger sleeve and wrap some cotton wool around the fingernail before you put the sleeve on. If your fingers feel too rough, use some lubricant with hyaluronic acid or put cream on your hands regularly before you want to insert a finger. If insertion is too intense for you, take it slowly and carefully. Maybe putting fingers in your vagina just isn't for you. If that's the case, we still have a large selection of special toys in our shop that are made for pleasuring the vagina.

How do you finger yourself?

You can just go ahead and start fingering your clitoris right away. Rubbing movements on and around the clitoris are particularly pleasant. Light stroking or squeezing can also be exciting. Use your natural moisture or a lubricant to make the clitoris smoother. It'll be extremely exciting if you get in the mood beforehand and read something erotic or watch an erotic film.

What is the best way to pleasure yourself (anally)?

Men have an advantage because the prostate is located five centimetres inside the anus, towards the abdominal wall. It is easy to feel with a finger but it can also be pleasured intensely with special toys as well. However, gentle pre-stretching and the use of a lubricant is essential no matter how it is being stimulated. Lubricant increases the pleasure and ensures maximum lubrication. Women cannot come directly by pleasuring the anus. Nevertheless, it can increase their pleasure and their orgasm.

How can I come again straight away?

Don't put yourself under any pressure. For women, it usually helps to use a pulsator to prevent overstimulation. Men can use a penis pump or cock ring(s) to get hard again quickly. Try stimulating different pleasure spots one after the other as well.

Do you have any tips on different positions for masturbation?

Of course. You don't just have to lie on your back like a starfish. If you are a woman, you can lie on your stomach or attach a rabbit vibrator with a suction cup to a wall and satisfy yourself in the doggy-style position. If you are a man, you can also stand up and thrust into your hand instead of rubbing your hand on your penis.

Why can't I come when I use toys?

Maybe you just haven't found the right toy yet? There are lots of other ways to pleasure yourself than just with vibrations. Try different things. If you're a woman, you can use a pulsator which pleasures your clitoris in a targeted and non-contact way. Low-frequency vibrations can also be a game changer. Men can try different masturbators, pulse plate technology or pleasure air technology which massages the frenulum in a versatile and targeted way. Lubricant should be used with toys.

I have the feeling that I can only come with toys. How can I do it again without them?

Toys simply make us come more quickly. Think back to how you pleasured yourself before. It probably just took a little longer without toys. So be patient the next time you want to try it without toys. Read erotic literature or watch an erotic film. Touch and caress yourself and all your hotspots but wait until you are aroused before touching your intimate areas. Be patient and don't worry if you need a bit more time to come.

Can the feeling of the Womanizer overwhelm you? It seems that way to me.

How exactly does it overwhelm you? The Womanizer stimulates you without overstimulating you. If you feel a pressure during the stimulation, as if you have to urinate, then it is possible that the Womanizer has brought you close to squirting. Squirting is normal – it is a fluid coming from a gland inside the vagina. It can happen during orgasm or just before. Try the Womanizer in the shower and see if that is the reason you are overwhelmed. If by overwhelm you mean that it feels uncomfortable, then use some lubricant to make your clitoris moist and stop any friction. This will make the Womanizer feel more comfortable. Do you mean that you come too quickly? Then get yourself in the right mood before you use the Womanizer and use it at a low intensity at first. Rocking the pelvis can also be very effective. Lie on your back and move your pelvis back and forth.

I only come after 40 minutes whereas other people come after 5 minutes. Why is that?

Every person is different and reacts differently to stimulation. That is completely normal. If you want to come faster, expand your repertoire and try different toys. Stimulate your erogenous areas, such as the G-spot, which is located about five centimetres inside the vagina towards the stomach and feels slightly rough when aroused. The A-spot is also very pleasurable as well – it can be found just before the cervix in the direction of the stomach. The anus is just as sensitive and can be stimulated by vibrations. Try and vary the type of stimulation too. Try a pulsator or low-frequency vibrations.

I come too quickly during masturbation. What can I do?

Slow down and don't just focus on your favourite hotspot. If you are about to come, try moving on to other hotspots and stroke yourself there so that you can take a litte break.

Tips if the vibrator doesn't go in?

If the vibrator is too big, try a smaller one. If you want to be able to insert a larger vibrator, try a smaller one first. Use a water-based lubricant so that everything slides in smoothly. Position yourself comfortably on your back, try lying on your stomach or try a squatting position. Other positions can also be helpful – just try a few out. Changing the angle can sometimes make it work better. Maybe you have a tense pelvic floor. If so, train it with small love balls or do special exercises. You could also seek medical advice because you might have vaginismus. The methods already mentioned can help you but therapeutic or medical advice would also be helpful in this case.

Can I teach my clitoris to respond to gentle touches again?

Not only the use of toys, but also your hormonal mood can contribute to your clitoris not seeming to respond to gentle touch. Take it slow and be gentle. Get in the mood with an erotic book or film. If you are already aroused, your clitoris will respond to gentler touches. A few days off or gentle stimulation with a feather or the shower head can help as well.

Tips for male masturbation (hand movements, stimulating spots, etc.)

When it comes to masturbation, you probably already know what you really like. Try different kinds of vibrations in these areas. Pulse plate technology or pleasure air technology on the frenulum is perfect for unbelievable excitement and incredible orgasms. Don't forget your other hotspots though – why not focus on your testicles, anus, prostate and perineum. You can explore these areas with a finger and some lubricant. Of course, there are also a variety of toys for each hotspot as well. There is also a wide range of stimulating options for the penis. A simple sleeve already intensifies masturbation, however, penis pumps with a suction effect can provide even more intense pleasure. An automatic masturbator or a milker is great for getting you extremely aroused. However, a change of position, using the other hand or turning the hand so that the thumb is facing down can also make everything more exciting as well.

How do women pleasure themselves? Only men's hands work for me.

As a woman, you sometimes need a bit more than a helping hand. First get in the mood by reading an erotic book or watching a film that turns you on. Only start masturbating when you're aroused – that way you'll climax faster. Don't just concentrate on your clitoris – stroke your breasts and penetrate yourself with your fingers. Stroking the outer and inner lips of your vulva will also turn you on a lot too. Be patient and don't expect it to happen straight away –it will work if you don’t put pressure on yourself.

* All the sex facts are from the ORION Sex Reports 2017–2021

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