Sex toys for beginners

Would you like to try out your first sex toy?

Then just go for it! You are not alone.
Our sex report has shown that 42% of the participants bought their first sex toy between 18 and 24 years old.

And there are lots of reasons for using sex toys.
Masturbation. Experimenting. Spicing up a relationship. And even for orgasm problems.

Find your very first sex toy!

Vibrators: a vibrating pleasure

Vibrators are the real favourite when it comes to sex toys for women – and
they are perfect for both beginners and experts.

Unlike the classic dildo, they have a technical component:vibration, rotation or even thrusting.

Dildos: the well-deserved classic

People were already making toys that are now known as dildos long before the industrial production of sex toys. Dildos are therefore the real classics among the sex toys – and they are extremely popular as well.

Dildos are usually made out of flexible material and don't have any technical elements.
The realistic look is very popular.

Cock Rings: put a ring on it!

Cock rings help a man stay harder for longer and help a woman have more pleasure during sex. The small ring's vibrating feature can also make solo fun more enjoyable too.

Masturbators: for a man's solo fun

The vibrator and dildo are for a woman what a masturbator is for a man. Masturbators take male masturbation to a new level with modern and well-thought out functions.

Anal Toys: for people who love to experiment

There are also anal toys that are suitable for beginners as well. Small plugs or dildos are perfect for finding out in your own time whether anal sex is right for you.

The important thing here is: Preparation. Relaxation. Training.

Accessories: from a blindfold to love balls

Plush handcuffs, blindfolds, feathers, love balls – the list of small but mighty toys that can spice up your love life is long. Just try some out and find out which sex toys you have the most fun using.

And don't forget the basic equipment – lubricant, cleaner & Co.

Sex Toys for Beginners: thrilling feelings are guaranteed

It's almost like the first time having sex only without the pressure and the tension. People who have never used a sex toy before usually feel curious, a little uncertain and above all excitement before using a toy for the first time. That's why it's really important that the first experience with a sex toy is a good one. This is guaranteed with our sex toys for beginners. Our beginner toys are great because they aren't too fancy, are a great price and an excellent quality as well.

The Perfect Sex Toys for Beginners

The wonderful thing about sex toys is that they are for everyone. Do you want a man's toy, a woman's toy or maybe even a couple's toy that will add a whole new dimension to your love life? You will be spoilt for choice. Both men and women can quickly be overwhelmed when they see all the dildos, vibrators, masturbators, cock rings, anal toys, love balls and all sorts of accessories. You can't go wrong if you choose one of our carefully selected sex toys for beginners.

Still unsure? Just Try Some Out!

Everyone feels the same excitement when buying a sex toy for the first time. However, lots of sex toy beginners also have doubts before buying their first sex toy – Do I really need it? I think I'll wait a bit first… And of course – What will so-and-so say if they find a vibrator in my bedside table? Just forget all your doubts for a moment. This might also help to get rid of your doubts: sex toys are now socially acceptable because people have realised that it's absolutely fine to enjoy pleasure, whether it's during sex with or without a partner, with or without a toy, or sensual or wild. So be brave and treat yourself to your first and very special sex toy!

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