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Anal Toys

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Anal toys for a particularly pleasurable sensation

Hardly any sexual practice is as polarising as anal sex. Almost no one talks about making love in the “forbidden” zone. Because it is close and intimate and also incredibly kinky. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, this sexual practice is becoming more and more popular among couples, for forbidden fruit is known to be particularly sweet.

If you're a bit experimental, enjoy trying new things and want to experience a more intense orgasm, then anal toys are just the thing for you. They allow you to stimulate your most erogenous zone, the anus, and experience sensations you've never felt before.

Several nerve pathways come together at the anal sphincter, which makes this area very sensitive and gives you a special sensation of pleasure. No matter if you are a man or a woman: anal toys provide you with delightful hours during anal sex, both alone and together with your partner.

Anal toys for beginners and advanced users

Anal toys come in different shapes, colours and materials – and they all make for a special change in the bedroom.

Anal toys for beginners

Anal chains are particularly suitable for beginners in the world of anal pampering. Several balls, which gradually increase in diameter, are placed in a row at short intervals. Anal chains gently stimulate the anus and provide indescribable moments of pleasure.

Anal plugs or butt plugs are also ideal for the introduction to anal eroticism. Plugs stretch the inexperienced anus very slowly and provide a safe and relaxed feeling during penetration. Butt plugs are very popular because they can remain in the anal area during sex while your partner pleasures you.

As a beginner, you should be careful with anal toys and approach them slowly. Whether anal dildos and wands or anal vibrators – using anal toys intensifies the orgasm during lovemaking so that you experience indescribable climaxes.

Advanced anal toys

Toys that enable double penetration during lovemaking are especially popular with women. The various anal toys are available in different materials, with different surfaces and of course in different sizes. You can choose between silicone, glass, metal, rubber and latex. With a little more experience, you can also try the XL and XXL formats. Whether plug, anal dildo or anal vibrator. There is a special anal toy for every taste and preference.

Anal toys like vibrators and dildos can increase pleasure immensely. For men, prostate stimulation can trigger particularly intense climaxes with such aids. That's why the selection of products for prostate massage is extraordinarily diverse.

Buy high-quality anal toys & accessories at ORION

The selection of anal toys is large. You2Toys and Rocks Off in particular offer a wide range of quality anal plugs, anal vibrators, anal dildos, anal chains and prostate stimulators. These toys make for exciting and erotic hours and are the perfect companion for your next exciting adventure.

Lubricant & anal sprays for relaxed pleasure

To enjoy the special erotic pleasure of anal toys, we recommend that you always use plenty of lube when using anal plugs and co. In our assortment you will find a large selection of lubricants that have been specially developed for anal use. Anal spasm sprays can help relax the anal sphincter, make it easier to insert the anal toys and provide a more intense feeling during lovemaking.

Cleaning & Hygiene

You should always use an anal douche before using these toys. Hygiene plays an important role in anal sex. After use, the anal toys are cleaned with a special toy cleaner. If you now want to try out anal love play at the backdoor, you'll find numerous toys in the ORION shop that are guaranteed to give you a lot of pleasure!