Natural Dildos

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Lifelike dildos for realistic moments of pleasure

Realistic dildos look a lot like a real penis and therefore feel extremely realistic as well. Dildos can be used either alone or with a partner and the different shapes and sizes mean that there will be no limits to your fantasies. The realistic dildo is an all-rounder that shouldn´t be missing from your erotic toy box.

Lifelike dildos for natural feelings

These types of dildos look extremely realistic and feel very natural, thanks to their realistic looking glans and lifelike surface. The phthalate-free PVC material also gives the dildo its realistic skin feeling. Lots of dildos have small veins, some of which are more pronounced than others, for an even more natural experience. Dildos are flexible meaning that they are also suitable for vigorous movements. Most dildos have a suction cup so that you can place them wherever you want. We also have inflatable latex dildos in our assortment, which can be inflated with a pump ball. Inflatable dildos are perfect if you want very intense feelings. You can inflate the dildo to whatever size you wish. There are also dildos that can be filled with liquid to give you an even more realistic feeling. You decide when you want to squeeze the testicles (filled with water) so that the dildo can ´ejaculate`.

Delightful moments with a realistic dildo

Realistic dildos are available in different sizes and different diameters. It is the size and your personal preference that matters the most when choosing the right dildo. Dildos are very popular with women and with couples. Women use them for solo sex and couples enjoy using them during foreplay. For many couples, realistic dildos are also a must during sex itself. You can use lubricant to help the stimulating dildo slide in easily. Dildos should be cleaned with a toy cleaner after use.