Love cushion

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Intense feelings with love cushions

Love cushions, also called sex cushions, are stable pillows that come in different shapes. They facilitate and intensify certain sex positions or make others possible. With a love cushion you bring pep into your love life. You and your partner will be impressed by what benefits a cushion brings and by how intense you will feel sex using a love cushion.

Application of love cushions

Love cushions come in various designs and are made of different materials. A classic among the cushions is the wedge pillow. It is made of polyester and has a case made of microfibre, that feels soft and smooth on the skin. With a wedge pillow you can do the most diverse sex positions. From the missionary position, allowing your partner to penetrate you even more deeply thanks to the elevation, to doggy-style position to cowgirl position everything is possible. The wedge pillow can easily be stowed away and does not take all too much space. There are also inflatable wedge pillows that are particularly space-saving and are your ideal companion on journeys.
Your sex will become especially exciting and versatile with love cushion sets. These consist of various pillow parts and can be combined as you wish. Thereby, it does not matter whether you create your own small island of love using all cushion parts where you and your partner find room or whether you only use a single pillow. With these sets there is no limit regarding sex positions.

Material and cleaning

Love cushions are made of polyester and microfibre. Polyester prevents the absorption of moisture into the pillow and therefore is very hygienic. The microfibre case is really soft and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. Inflatable wedge pillows only need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.