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Anal plugs and butt plugs at ORION: what to look for when buying a butt plug

An anal plug – also called a butt plug – is used for intense stimulation of the anus and especially the sphincter muscle. This sex toy stimulates numerous nerves that come together at the anus and provides exciting moments of pleasure during anal sex. The anal area is an erogenous zone that can evoke intense feelings in both men and women.

The introduction to anal eroticism and prostate stimulation

A butt plug is the ideal sex toy for the introduction to anal eroticism. Due to its shape and design, it stretches the anus slowly and gently, which makes it especially suitable for beginners. But a butt plug also has a lot to offer for advanced users. It can be worn in everyday life and thus offers constant, discreet stimulation. For men, the butt plug offers an additional dimension of pleasure: due to the targeted stimulation of the prostate, wearing a butt plug can lead to intense orgasms.

The use of butt plugs for women

Women can also enjoy the pleasurable stimulation provided by a butt plug. The plug stimulates the numerous nerve endings in the anus and can thus lead to intense sensations of pleasure. It can be particularly arousing if the butt plug is worn while your partner is pleasuring you vaginally. This double stimulation can lead to particularly intense orgasms. In combination with a suitable lubricant, wearing a butt plug can intensify the orgasm during lovemaking and masturbation.

Overview of different butt plug models

A butt plug comes in different sizes, which allows everyone to find the right size for their individual needs. They are made of different materials and are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. The special shape of the plug, which widens towards the end, prevents the plug from fully pushing in during sex and ensures that the sex toy does not slip out, even during heavier use.

Materials and their properties

A butt plug can be made of silicone, latex or stainless steel. The soft silicone is especially suitable for beginners and for everyday use with the butt toy. Models made of stainless steel make anal intercourse particularly exciting because they can be cooled or heated before insertion. This provides that special thrill.

Differences in diameter and weight

Butt plugs differ not only in size but also in diameter and weight, creating different experiences of pleasure. In addition, the plugs are also available as vibrators, which can make for even more intense lovemaking. The choice of the right sex toy therefore depends on individual preferences and experiences.

Luxury, aesthetics and versatility: the world of butt plugs

In our assortment, you’ll find a variety of butt plugs that stand out with their unique features and qualities. Our plugs are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. In addition, many of our plugs are made of metal and can be cooled or heated as desired before insertion into the body, which allows for additional sensual experiences.

Another highlight in our range are the versatile butt plugs from the NMC brand, which are characterised by their stability. Thanks to a stand, these plugs can withstand even the hottest anal sex adventures. Some models are also equipped with vibration functions that additionally stimulate the pleasure centre. These features make the sex toys particularly versatile and provide varied stimulation.

These product features are just a few examples of the quality and variety you can expect from ORION. Whether you’re looking for luxury and aesthetics or stability and versatility, you’ll find the right sex toy for your needs.

For beginners: butt plug sets and lubricants

With the You2Toys and Pro Anal butt plug sets, beginners can slowly stretch their anus with the help of the plugs. For proper hygiene, use an intimate douche in preparation, for example from Rebel. When using a butt plug, a lubricant should always be used. Some lubricants have a slightly relaxing effect so that the butt plug slides into the anus almost by itself. The sex toy can be cleaned with a special toy cleaner to ensure the product’s longevity and safe use.

Discretion, speed and customer service: your benefits at ORION

Ordering from ORION is easy and discreet. We understand that discretion is of the utmost importance when it comes to purchasing erotic products. That’s why we ensure that all our packages are shipped in neutral packaging to protect your privacy. In addition, we offer fast shipping so that you can get your hands on your products as soon as possible. With ORION, you can be sure that you will receive products of the highest quality that will sweeten your most intimate moments and make your erotic dreams come true. Discover the world of eroticism with ORION and witness how we exceed your expectations.