Love Balls

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Love balls increase your sensibility

Love balls, also called pleasure balls, are sex toys for women. Unlike other sex toys, love balls are not used during foreplay or sex but are worn in everyday life. Thus, you can benefit all day from a pleasantly thrilling feeling. Love balls are no sex toys in the classical sense. They train the pelvic floor and strengthen a woman's feelings.

Pelvic floor exercise with love balls

Loveballs are attractive training tools for the pelvic floor. Many women feel only little when having sex and thus only seldom have an orgasm. Pelvic floor exercise can increase the feeling over time. The pelvic floor can also be strengthened again after pregnancy through regular training. In order to train, the love balls are inserted into the vagina and are worn twice a day for about 15 minutes. Depending on how good your pelvic floor already is you can do all everyday tasks that can be done standing or walking. Due to the movement the balls begin to slightly rotate and the muscles are stimulated to hold the balls on that position where you inserted them. Over time, you will feel how your muscles are strengthened so that you will feel more during sex. A special benefit is that not only you will feel more but also your partner. Because of the training your vagina will tighten thus giving your partner more intense orgasms during sex.

Material and size of love balls

Love balls are made of silicone or metal. You can decide whether you want to use a single or several balls on a strand in the beginning. It is important that you begin your training with small balls, increasing their size and weight slowly. Within the balls is metal that causes the varying weights and brings about a pleasant feeling when the balls are rotating. To prevent aching muscles the balls should not be worn too long. It is important that you keep moving because when lying or sitting the balls have no effect. After wearing, the balls are removed and cleaned with warm water and soap. To disinfect the balls you should use toy cleanser on a regular basis.