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Sex toys for couples

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Sex toys for double the pleasure

Partner toys are sex toys for couples that stimulate both the woman and the man. Almost every couple has experimented with classic sex toys such as a dildo, vibrator or masturbator. As only one partner is actively aroused with these classics, lovemaking can quickly become a little monotonous or one-sided. Sex toys that are specially designed for couples and stimulate both partners at the same time provide the ideal variety during foreplay and lovemaking.

You can also use these toys to discover completely new sides of your partner and get to know their body better. But that’s not all! Sex toys for couples offer you the opportunity to reach orgasm together or at the same time during lovemaking. Whether man or woman, there are exciting and arousing sex toys for both sides that make lovemaking even more fulfilling. With these toys, your desire will increase immeasurably. Sensational pleasure is guaranteed.

No limits with sex toys for couples

Classic sex toys such as dildos and vibrators are also available for couples as a double dildo or partner vibrator. Although many couples are familiar with these sex toys, it’s still a different feeling when you can enjoy the excitement together with your partner. From harmless handcuffs for bondage games to couple’s vibrators that are controlled with a remote control: there’s something exciting for every taste and preference.

Restraints are very popular with couples. They give you full power and control over your partner and their pleasure. From simple handcuffs made of plush and metal to bondage ropes in a set: ORION leaves nothing to be desired. You can also discover intense sensations for men and women with the help of love pillows and sex swings. A love cushion allows you to try out positions that would otherwise not be possible. Your sex life is no longer just monotonous in bed.

Whether lying or sitting, with a sex swing you can experience an erotic high together with your partner. Cock rings are also becoming increasingly popular as a sex toy or partner toy. They enable an even stronger erection so that the fun can last a long time.

Surprise your partner

Little surprises for your partner during lovemaking are always something special and make sex truly exciting. Why not surprise your partner with a partner vibrator? This can take pleasure to a whole new level. Or how about a strap-on that you can use to turn on your partner on during role play? Browse through our online shop and let your imagination run wild. Sex toys are also available from ORION as a set. You and your partner are guaranteed to have a fulfilling and exciting sex life, full of eroticism and sensual moments.