Come Together

Get inspiration for a fulfilling sex life. Everyday life tends to stifle eroticism – 1 in four couples in a long-term relationship no longer have sex. So work together with your partner to keep the sensual atmosphere alive. Talk about your fantasies because 1 in 3 people dream of living out their erotic desires. Take your time with each other and try out new things in a fun way. Closeness and togetherness are the foundation for a happy relationship.

The Top 4 Toys for Two… or Three… or More…

A woman's pleasure spots and where to find them…

A-spot… between the G-spot and the cervix
G-spot… approx. 5 cm inside the vagina
K-spot… clitoris
U-spot …at the end of the urethra
Anus… 1 in 5 people have regular anal sex

Erotic games that provide variety

New games are perfect for erotic fun and providing thrills during everyday life because they make you more aware of your sensuality and they whet your appetite.

Couple's Toys for Beginners

Couple's Toys for Experts

Tips for more closeness & togetherness

Visit a hotel

Change your routine and be alone with each other – you can enjoy your new surroundings when you are in a hotel and you can discover a new side to your love-making with erotic clothing and maybe even with some role play.

Caressing yes – Sex NO

Go back to the start – with kissing, caressing & heavy petting. You're not allowed to have sex though. That takes the pressure off both of you and means that you can enjoy being with each other and enjoy the sensual tension.

Masturbate in front of each other

Look and watch but don't touch. You will see each other from a completely different perspective and you will also see what your partner does to reach climax during self-pleasure.

Just have fun…

Giggling, tickling, cuddling… Even telling each other silly, little stories and lying next to each other will ease the tension and help you feel even closer to one another.

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Accessories – Basic Equipment for Hot Climaxes

Training the pelvic floor improves couple sex

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What can I do if I have absolutely no desire to have sex anymore?

There may be a hormonal reason for women, e.g. a side effect of the pill. It’s also a good idea for men to have a medical examination too so that they can find out if there is a medical reason for not being in the mood for sex. If everything is ok, then stress could be a cause. It is important to have some me time so that you can explore your body and all its hotspots. An erotic book or film can also help to reignite your passion.

I never feel like penetration. Help! What should I do?

Don't you feel like it because intercourse causes you pain? Then maybe you should try a lubricant with hyaluronan and panthenol. If your partner's penis is too big, you might want to try different positions that reach other areas of your vagina or don't penetrate as deeply. If you have anal sex, stretching for a while beforehand or using a special lubricant with panthenol can help. If those are not the reasons, you could try a cock ring or another couple’s toy that provides you with variety during penetration while also stimulating other hotspots, e.g. the clitoris or penis.

My partner doesn’t feel like having sex. What can I do?

Talk to your partner. Are there certain reasons that you can overcome together? Sometimes all you need to do is make time for each other so that you can rediscover your intimacy again. Plan a nice date and focus on each other. Relaxation is also very important too. If your partner is stressed in everyday life, you should simply lend a helping hand without being asked. This may not seem like much but it contributes significantly to relaxation and pleasure. Alternatively, you can offer to take over the physical aspects of sex yourself. However, foreplay should not be neglected.

I no longer have any desire for sex or masturbation since I gave birth. What can I do?

Congratulations, your body has done something incredible! You've created a new life and that means a lot of stress for your body. Instead of getting annoyed with your body now, you should give it enough time to heal. If you want to help your body along a little bit, do something for yourself and do something that will help you to relax. Read an erotic book or watch a nice film that will take your mind off things. Gentle strokes and sensual massages from your partner and a lot of patience can also help.

What can you do if you don’t want to have sex?

Find out why you don’t want to have it. What really triggers it? The next time you go to the doctor, have a check-up and a blood sample taken. If something’s not right with your body, the sexual urge will also decrease. Have you been together for a long time and sex is always the same? Then try a new toy or some soft BDSM games. If one of you feels pain during sex, you should try using a bit of lubricant with hyaluronan or panthenol. Get to the root of the problem!

How do I get my partner to sleep with me more?

Talk to them and try to find a solution together. Are there reasons why they don’t feel like it anymore? Maybe they want you to initiate sex instead of them always having to do it. However, if they are stressed, you should both try to work out how to make sure you’re both relaxed.

What do I do if my partner doesn’t want to have sex very often?

Talk to your partner and work out what the problem might be. Maybe your partner is not getting enough attention from you in general. If you only pay them attention when you feel like having sex, you should try to extend this to long cuddles and casual caresses. This lowers the pressure and increases the pleasure. If your partner is doing more household chores than you, you could try to help them by doing some of the chores as well. This will increase the desire for more time together.

We only see each other every two weeks. How can we keep the passion alive?

Distance definitely helps to keep the passion alive. Try sexting, phone sex or a sexy video chat. Toys that you can control via an app are also exciting. This can make long-distance sex more intense. Even just talking about what you want to do the next time you see each other can be very arousing as well.

My boyfriend hardly wants sex anymore since I got pregnant – I miss it.

Ask why he has problems. Make it clear to him that he can't hurt or poke the baby when he penetrates you. In fact, it is good for you and the baby's well-being when you engage in sexual activity. If he still has concerns, try the doggy style position or gentle massages without penetration.

We don’t desire each other anymore during sex – what can I do?

There are several reasons why the pleasure can suddenly decrease during sex. If a man's erection goes down in the middle of sex, it can also be related to diet and age. So medical advice is necessary. However, it could also just be a headache. If it happens once, it can sometimes affect the subsequent times you do it because you or your partner could start worrying that it’ll happen again. A cock ring can be helpful in this case because the blood congestion effect helps him have a strong, long-lasting erection. If the vagina isn’t getting aroused, it may be because of overstimulation. This can happen if stimulation is too rough. This means it's time to shift down a gear and use an extra portion of lubricant. However, it could also be that a certain touch is irritating her and she might get distracted by it which might be making her pleasure decrease. The main thing that you should try to do is talk to each other and find out why the pleasure suddenly decreases.

My partner and I don't have much sex. He doesn't do any foreplay anymore – how can I change this?

Communication is essential if you want to reignite desire. Tell your partner what exactly is bothering you and try to find a solution together. If it's because you can never find the right time, set up specific dates where you want to spend time with each other and be close. An erotic game can help you focus on foreplay. You could also try getting in the mood on your own with erotic literature or a film and then approaching your partner.

Neighbours have complained about the noise we make during sex. Now the desire is pretty much gone. What can we do?

Was being loud an essential part of your sex drive? Then you might want to find a place where you can have sex loudly without disturbing the neighbours. Alternatively, you could just to change where you have sex in your flat or use some pillows to muffle the noise. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can try a gag. You could also make a game out of it by moving around the flat and changing the position as soon as one of you gets too loud. You could also make the person who is too loud pleasure the other person orally.

My partner puts a lot of pressure on himself during sex. That's why his penis doesn't get hard. What can be done?

Time and patience is the key. If your partner is worrying too much, you should create a relaxed atmosphere where he is not distracted by other things. However, if he's putting pressure on himself, it will take time for the nervousness to subside. Longer-lasting foreplay can help with relaxation, as can a versatile blow job. Try giving him a blow job with a blow job vibrator or use a tingling gel. Eye contact can be especially therapeutic. Look him in the eye during a blow job and don't just concentrate on the penis. The glans, frenulum, shaft, testicles, perineum, anus and prostate love being explored sensually with the tongue and mouth. It's also important to always be gentle and careful because his penis is not a joystick that you can tug and pull on – unless of course he tells you he likes it.

How can I relax and let myself go when I have sex with my partner?

Trust and relaxation are important if you want to let go completely. Try massages or longer-lasting foreplay. If you feel pain during penetration, try a lubricant with Aloe vera. If you're afraid of squirting and can’t relax because of that, use a vinyl sheet or another waterproof sheet, or you could have sex in the bath or the shower instead. Are you worried that you’ll come too soon? Then use a cock ring because that will help you have a long-lasting erection. You could also try a special spray that you use just before intercourse. The main thing that you should try to do is relax. Over time, you will stop worrying and feeling the stress that intimidated you at the beginning of the relationship.

What should I do if his penis is too big and sex isn’t fun?

Is it the girth of the penis? Make sure you are very relaxed when he penetrates you and use a lubricant with Aloe vera or hyaluronan. You could also try a position where the penis can’t penetrate too deeply. Is it the length of the penis? Use a small masturbator that is open at both ends and cut it to the right size. Your partner can then put it over his penis and slide it down to the base of his penis so that it can’t penetrate you too deeply.

My new partner doesn't make any noise during sex. How can I tell them that it bothers me?

Talk to them. Tell your new partner that you enjoy hearing them during sex. You can tell them that this will let you know what they particularly like and that it will turn you on as well. Be patient if it doesn't happen straight away. Some people need time to trust someone and let themselves go.

I haven’t had sex for a while (6 months). How can I start again?

Start slowly and carefully. What did you like before? Then try it out again. You might want to start from the beginning and set up a "first date" where you take it slow and explore each other’s bodies again. Be clear about your thoughts – your partner probably shares your concerns and doesn't want to seem too forward or put you under pressure.

I have been having sex every day and now I have bladder problems. What could be the reason for this?

Honeymoon cystitis is often caused by having a lot of sex. The reason is that bacteria from the intestines or genitals get into the bladder. Since a woman’s bladder is particularly close to the vagina and women are generally more susceptible to bladder infections, it happens to women more often. However, men can also be affected. There can be small tears in the mucous membranes if you have a lot of sex and that can irritate this area as well. So take it easy and use a lubricant with panthenol and hyaluronan which will also protect the mucous membranes. Also make sure that no intestinal bacteria get into the vagina or onto the penis. Use a condom as soon as you have anal intercourse and change it when you want to have vaginal intercourse again. Hygiene in the intestinal area is especially important here. Keep the intestinal bacteria at bay rather than practising excessive intimate hygiene because this will only disturb the vaginal flora. Methods of contraception can also cause cystitis. Diaphragms, for example, can irritate the urethra.

It always hurts when I have sex. I have had a child.

Your body has done an incredible job and created new life. You should be proud of that. First, make sure there are no medical causes for the pain. Do you feel that you were stitched up too high after an episiotomy? Maybe you should get this examined. If you don't feel comfortable at your gynaecologist's practice and your concerns are not taken seriously, then you should get a second opinion. It might be that a small surgical procedure needs to be done.

How do I get my husband to tell me how he feels in bed?

Talk to him and make it clear to him that you won’t laugh at anything he says. Any sexual preference can be explored and tried out if you are both happy to do so. Maybe he is too shy to share certain fantasies and is afraid of being judged.

I am left high and dry once my boyfriend has come during sex. What can I do about it?

Talk to your partner. Suggest including toys that allow you to come together. On the other hand, you can also give him your favourite toy after sex so that he can pleasure you with it afterwards.

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