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Suckers and pumps for delightful stimulation

Women have three very sensitive erogenous zones: the nipples, the vagina and the clitoris. Many women experience intense orgasms when these areas are stimulated. This is also why women experience extremely strong orgasms when a partner stimulates them by sucking their erogenous zones. Nipple suckers and pussy pumps are perfect for foreplay or self-pleasure because they provide even more stimulation.

Nipple suckers are great for moments of pleasure

Nipple suckers aren´t just for women. Men enjoy them too. Nipple suckers are placed over the nipples and then squeezed so that they create a vacuum, which helps them stay in place. The vacuum makes the nipples swell up and therefore become bigger, harder and extremely sensitive. If your partner touches your nipples after you have removed the suckers, then sometimes this alone is all that is needed for you to have an intense orgasm. The nipple pumps are made out of very soft silicone or PVC. It isn´t always easy choosing a size at the beginning. The nipple pumps should fit around the nipples only – the nipple pumps should not be able to suck in the skin around the nipples. We have various pumps for you to choose from. Nipple pumps with an integrated hand pump are perfect for those who want their partner to join in. Smaller pumps, also known as “nipple suckers”, can be worn around the house in preparation for an erotic lovemaking session – you will really whet your partner´s appetite if he sees the small, colourful suckers under your T-shirt when he comes home.

Pussy pumps open the door to a world of unimaginable pleasure

Pussy pumps, just like nipple pumps, create a vacuum around the erogenous zone. Pussy pumps can either be placed over the vagina or just the clitoris. Some models can also be used to stimulate the nipples and vagina. The vacuum makes the labia swell up and the blood flow to this area is increased. The vagina is now extremely sensitive – every touch feels extremely intense and more pleasurable once the pump has been removed. Your partner will also enjoy the sight of your enlarged labia. The pussy pump can feel a bit strange at first, however please stop using the pump immediately if you experience any pain.