Double Vibrators

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Double vibrators for unknown moments of pleasure

Vibrators are one of the most desired sex toys as they promise you unknown and sensual moments of pleasure. Besides the traditional vibrators there are also fancy models like the double vibrator. Double vibrators give you double feelings of pleasure because they are not only used in times of solitude but move more and more into bedrooms as couple vibrators.

Appealing hours thanks to the double vibrator

Double vibrators are made of skin-friendly and well-tolerated silicone. The diameters of a double vibrator's shaft are varying, and the end can be glans-shaped. Other double vibrators have a plain futuristic design, thus looking quite elegant. A wide range of colours allows you to choose your favourite colour. Double vibrators are able to stimulate your anus, clitoris, and vagina simultaneously. The vibrators can glide particularly easily into you when using water-based lubricant. Flexible double vibrators are ideally suited to be tested together with your partner when having sex. Either both of you enjoy anal stimulation or you are stimulated vaginally and your partner anally. Especially lesbian couples enjoy the use of a double vibrator because this way both partners can be stimulated simultaneously. Unlike traditional vibrators, double vibrators can stimulate both partners actively and intensely. Thus, your love life never gets boring.

Duo vibrators – Features and cleaning

Depending on the model, the vibration levels of double vibrators can be set at the push of a button by remote control, or by using your smartphone. Remote-controlled models are particularly appealling for couples as they can set each other's vibrations.
Just like every sex toy, double vibrators have to be cleaned regularly, you can use warm water and soap after every use. Because double vibrators are also used anally you should use disinfecting toy cleanser as well.