Anal Beads

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Anal beads for moments of intense pleasure

Anal beads are like anal dildos or probes and are designed for stimulating your erogenous anal zone. They are made up of a row of beads that are joined together with a connection strap or cord. There are different types of anal beads and they have different circumferences, lengths, materials and flexibility. Anal beads provide pleasure for both men and women, and can also be used during foreplay or sex with a partner.

Anal beads – for a special kind of satisfaction

Anal beads are basically like any other anal toy – it is just a question of preference. Anal beads are very soft and flexible, and some can be very long as well. They can be big, small, round or oval. The length of the connection strap/cord between the beads depends on the anal beads. There is usually a retraction handle or strap at the end as well which stops the anal beads from disappearing completely. You can use the retraction handle or strap to slowly pull the beads out, which also feels extremely satisfying.

How to use anal beads

We recommend using an anal douche before using anal toys because hygiene is extremely important when enjoying passionate anal sex. Not only does the anal douche mean that you can have hygienic fun, but it can also be very stimulating. We recommend cleaning your toy straight after use so that it can be kept clean and hygienic, and you can get the most out of your toy. Cleaning your toy with warm water and soap is sufficient because the toys are high-quality. However, a toy cleaner should also be used at regular intervals. Beginners should start with short, flexible models as the anal muscles need to get used to this new type of pleasure. It´s also very important that they use lubricant as this will make insertion and the extremely pleasurable removal of the beads easier. Experts can choose any toy they desire from our assortment. We recommend using shorter models if you are planning on wearing stimulating anal beads all day because they are more comfortable. Browse through our categories and find the right sex toy for you and experience unforgettable orgasms.