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Anal vibrators for pure pleasure

Anal vibrators are thinner than normal vibrators and are specifically designed to be used anally. There are lots of nerve endings in the anal area. You will experience unbelievable orgasms when the inner and outer area is stimulated by an anal vibrator. They provide stimulation for both men and women.

Anal vibrators – it´s the surface and vibration that counts

The stimulation of the anal area is extremely arousing and can feel even more intense with vibrations. We recommend that beginners start off slowly so that the feelings of pleasure can gradually increase: small vibrators without any special patterns on the surface are perfect to start off with. More experienced people can try out any of our vibrators: our anal vibrators are different colours & shapes, and have different surfaces & vibration functions. The usual shape of an anal vibrator is a penis replica and the surface pattern is usually grooved – both of these things provide intense pleasure. However, vibrators in more unusual designs are also available here. We have inflatable toys made out of latex, which are great for giving you and your partner wonderful moments of satisfaction. Women can enjoy double vibrators made out of silicone, which simultaneously stimulate the anus and vagina. Men can enjoy vibrators that specifically stimulate the prostate. Vibrators with different vibration levels are also extremely exciting because you can intensify the pleasure so that you get maximum satisfaction.

Anal vibrators – an extra thrill

Anal vibrators provide pleasurable moments either during solo sex or with a partner. We recommend using an anal douche because hygiene is very important. We also recommend using lubricant so that the vibrator slides easily into your anus. The vibrator can offer you thrilling stimulation during solo fun because the anus is extremely sensitive. A remote controlled vibrator is perfect for couples because it can be a pleasurable extra during anal sex or preparation for anal sex. Your partner controls the remote control and decides when you are allowed to enjoy the thrilling vibrations – this experience will be very exciting for both of you.