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Get seduced by your vibro egg

A vibro egg is a small and powerful companion to many women that has — unlike vibrators — a particularly discreet design. As the name indicates, a vibro egg has an oval shape. Thanks to the handy and plain appearance the vibro egg is the perfect companion to go or on journeys. A special feature about the egg is that it can be worn the whole day to bring you arousing moments time and again.

Delve into the sensual world of vibro eggs

Vibro eggs come in three different designs that differ in their handling. Especially simple and compact are battery-powered vibro eggs that are controlled directly at the egg itself and therefore have no remote control. Vibro eggs that have a wired remote control are often used for a sensual foreplay. Thanks to the remote control your partner can set the vibration strength and intensity to increase your lust. Vibro eggs with radio remote control are perfectly suited for being used on the go as you can set the vibration level comfortably and completely unnoticed.
Vibro eggs are ergonomically designed and made of skin-friendly silicone, that feels velvety smooth. The material is robust and flexible and has no pores, therefore being highly hygienic. After every use, wash the vibro egg with warm water and soap and disinfect it regularly with a toy cleanser. Please note that vibro eggs are not suited for anal use as they could penetrate the anus too deeply.

Vibro eggs motivate to play

Vibrating eggs are ideally suited for a sensual foreplay with you partner. They cannot only be used vaginal but can also be laid on other erogenous zones, e.g. on your nipples, to trigger arousing feelings. Particularly exciting is using the vibro egg on the go when your partner has his hands on the radio remote control to set the vibration intensity. You will not forget such a thrilling evening with your vibro egg in a hurry.