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Dilators – intense urethral stimulation

Dilators are used for stimulating the urethra (also known as urethral stimulation). They are used a lot by men. Urethral stimulation is more popular than you might think. Dilators first appeared in the BDSM scene, however they are now becoming more and more popular in general and are often used during foreplay or for self-pleasure. Experts enjoy intense stimulation and indescribable pleasure. We recommend that beginners take it slowly at first until they get used to the toy.

An unbelievable thrill from dilators

There are different types of dilators: the most popular and hygienic dilators are the ones made out of high-quality stainless steel. Beginners and/or women should however use dilators made out of silicone because they are a lot more flexible and a lot softer. Dilators widen the urethra and prepare this area for other sex toys like vibrating urethral dilators. The diameter of the urethra will increase slowly over time. Penis plugs are used a lot in the BDSM scene. They act like a sperm stopper, intensifying and prolonging orgasms. They are used for control, dominance and humiliation in the BDSM scene. The sperm has no way of getting out and this creates a congestion effect, which means that you will feel intense pleasure. Hollow dilators are for those who don´t like this congestion effect. They feel just as pleasurable as other dilators, the only difference is that the sperm can flow through the opening instead. There are also dilators with different textures. A grooved dilator provides unbelievably intense pleasure when it´s inserted. Dilators in the shape of a screw are for experts. This type of dilator is extremely satisfying because every single raised part can be felt when it gets inserted. Penis plugs can be worn over a long period of time and can provide long-lasting stimulation.

Cleaning is essential

Please only use high-quality dilators in order to prevent injuries. The dilator must be disinfected before it gets inserted in order to prevent infections from occurring. Lubricant should also be used with dilators to make insertion easier and to prevent small injuries from occurring. Please take things slowly when stretching your urethra, so that you can get the most pleasure out of your dilator. Please consult a doctor if any injuries or infections occur.