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Anal dildos for him and her

For both men and women, the anal area is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones, containing numerous nerve endings. By using anal dildos and other anal toys, such as plugs and vibrators, this area can be thoroughly stimulated. Exciting and strong sensations can be achieved, which can even trigger a climax.

For masturbation, using an anal dildo can take your pleasure to a new level and open up a whole new dimension of sensuality. And when you incorporate the anal dildo into lovemaking with your partner, it can add variety to foreplay and reveal an unexplored level of closeness and intimacy for both of you.

Beginner or advanced – find your ideal anal dildo model

An anal dildo differs from an ordinary dildo mainly in its special shape. This is tailored to the specific anatomy and the special requirements for anal stimulation. The most common materials from which anal dildos are made are silicone, glass and TPE, each with its own advantages and properties. Silicone is particularly adaptable and body-safe, while glass offers a smooth, firm surface for intense sensations and optimal hygiene. TPE is valued for its softness and flexibility. But anal dildos made of metal can also have their own unique appeal!

As a beginner, you might enjoy soft, flexible models that are easy to insert and give you a gentle introduction to the world of anal stimulation. With time, you can move on to firmer models or try anal dildos with built-in vibrators for an extra level of stimulation.

Dildo anal & vaginal

There are special anal dildos for prostate stimulation that are specifically shaped to reach this sensitive point of the male body. Some of these models even have an additional perineum stimulator that makes the experience even more intense. If you want to broaden your experience, you could try double dildos that stimulate both the vagina and anus for women. Or how about an inflatable dildo that allows you to choose the size? The range of possibilities is enormous! Discover your personal favourite toy in our ORION shop and don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions!

Buy anal dildos discreetly online

Anal dildos can be ordered easily and discreetly online. When buying, you should pay special attention to the quality of the material used and make sure that the surface of the toy is easy to clean. The use of lubricant is a must. This makes it easier to insert the anal dildo and increases your well-being during erotic play.

There are also models with suction cups that allow you to use them hands-free and make your experience even more varied. They can be attached to all smooth surfaces and open up a wide range of possibilities for completely new sexual experiences.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, there’s an anal dildo that’s perfect for you and will take you on an exciting journey of anal pleasure. Dare to discover new things and expand your erotic preferences. A fascinating world of new sensations awaits you!

Discover anal dildo at ORION: accessories and brands

The anal dildos from “Fun Factory” convince with their high-quality workmanship, special features like balls and rotation functions for an extraordinary erotic experience.

The sex toy series “Pro Anal” presents real all-rounders. In addition to their ergonomically shaped shaft, the anal dildos inspire with an additional perineum stimulator that provides intense feelings of pleasure.

Those who like it close to the real thing will find what they are looking for in the “You2Toys” brand. Here, a lifelike penis with balls and pronounced veins awaits you. Thanks to its suction cup, it can demonstrate its capabilities on all smooth surfaces.

An indispensable accessory when using anal sex toys is a lubricant. This may relax the sphincter muscle and make insertion easier. Hygiene also plays an important role: it is best to clean the anal dildo directly after use with a special toy cleaner. That way you're on the safe side and can enjoy your new toy for a long time! If you have any questions, please contact our team. We’ll be happy to give you friendly and discreet advice on all your ideas and wishes.