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XXL dildo for him and her

In the diverse world of sex toys, giant dildos, also known as monster dildos, occupy a very special position. Starting at an impressive size of 25 centimetres, they belong to the XXL dildo category. Some of these giant dildos go even further and extend the size to huge lengths of up to half a metre. But it’s not just the impressive length and width of these dildos that are fascinating. The thick girth, specially developed for men and women who like to experiment, can reach up to 10 centimetres. This promises an intense and deeply satisfying sensation that completely fills both the anus and vagina.

The versatile uses of giant dildos are almost limitless and range from exciting BDSM role-playing games to intimate moments of lovemaking with your partner and intense solo sessions in which you can freely live out your fantasies. Whether for vaginal or anal use, these monster dildos offer an unrivalled feast for the senses and guarantee that nothing is left to be desired in terms of pleasure and satisfaction.

Various XXL dildo models

Dildos have always been an integral part of the repertoire of lovers of sensual play. The XXL models in particular, which are often regarded as true works of art when it comes to realistic design, are extremely popular. They are available in an amazing variety of shapes, designs and colours so that everyone can find the right toy for them. The material from which these dildos are made plays a crucial role in the experience. Many XXL dildos are made of skin-friendly silicone or latex. These materials are characterised by their flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to the temperature of the skin.

For those who are looking for a particularly realistic feeling, there are XXL dildos that are a phallus-shaped replica with pronounced veins and balls that are in no way inferior to the real penis. This type of dildo intensifies the natural sensation and pleasure many times over. But the world of monster dildos has even more to offer: some models have a hand or fist clenched at the tip of the shaft, which can be a very special flavour of pleasure for the more adventurous. Compared to conventional dildos, these models offer an opportunity to try out even more in terms of stretching and filling.

An inflatable giant dildo is suitable for couples who want to explore new territory together or for beginners who want to slowly get to grips with the toy. The sex toy can be adjusted to the desired size with a hand pump. And for those who value versatility, there are XXL dildo models with an integrated suction cup. This enables hands-free pleasure in different places and guarantees a variety of experiences.

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Penetration with sex toys, especially XXL dildos, is made considerably easier when using a high-quality lubricant. Anyone planning to buy such a lubricant will find a wide selection at ORION. There you can choose from a variety of lubricants, some of which even have a slightly anaesthetic effect. These special lubricants can help the XXL dildo to penetrate even deeper and more comfortably into the anus or vagina, leading to deeper and more pleasant relaxation.

The dildo should always be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Our toy cleaners are effective and gentle on the material. They ensure perfect hygiene and help to keep the sex toy in perfect condition.