Torso Masturbators

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Life-like torso masturbators

Torso masturbators fulfil men’s desires just like regular masturbators, only much more realistically. The masturbators of different sizes are faithfully modelled after the human body, right down to the skin-like material, and provide authentic sensations. Whether luscious double-D breasts, plump buttocks, shaped labia or torso sex doll with shapely legs and feet – the large selection of torso masturbators leaves no erotic fantasy unfulfilled and provides maximum visual stimulation. These sex toys feature intricately textured body openings that give your penis an intense massage. The amazing naturalness of the torso masturbators is rounded off by skin-like material made of TPE/TPR, Cyberskin or Fanta Flesh. The properties of the masturbator’s materials quickly adapt to the body temperature to ensure that your torso masturbator feels incredibly realistic.

Like real skin: realistic sex pleasure with the skin-like torso masturbator.

The natural feel of torso masturbators is unbeatable. Torso masturbators not only give you the visual feeling of having your dream woman in bed – the skin-like materials such as TPE/TPR or Cyberskin quickly adopt your body temperature and feel like real skin. During penetration, you’ll notice that the orifices, whether vagina or anus, look lifelike and realistic: The distinctive nubs and grooves inside stimulate your penis even more and will deliver magical moments. Some of the sex toys even have erotic extras like vibration or a talk and moan function!

For men who want more erotic solo fun

The lifelike representation of the erotic sex toys, the caressingly soft TPE/TPR as well as the detailed vagina or anus openings ensure a sexual experience like in real life. Browse through our online shop and discover true-to-life torso masturbators for hyper-realistic solo pleasure in different sizes and designs. Get your dream girl right at home, grab a tube of water-based lube, spread it on your penis and the orifice of your choice and dive into a world of uninhibited pleasure without taboos.

The right care for your torso masturbators

Taking care of your sex toys is important, especially when they are as skin-like and lifelike as torso masturbators. After using your toy, you should clean it immediately, preferably with a special toy cleaner for sex toys. You’ll find special toy cleaners in our product range that are perfect for this. Make sure to clean every crevice and opening of the toy thoroughly, especially if your torso has several pleasure channels. Let the torso dry properly after cleaning. If you want to buy a new toy, choose one that suits your needs. Read the description carefully and feel free to contact our team. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions discreetly. Life-sized, skin-like torso masturbators are a great way to spice up your sex life. With good care and regular cleaning, you will enjoy this very special sex toy for a long time. We wish you lots of fun and incredible orgasms!