Pearl Vibrators

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Pearl vibrators – indulges even demanding women

Pearl vibrators have great inner values. The little pearl rings, that are located inside the penis-shaped vibrator below the glans, gently rotate at the push of a button and thus cause unknown feelings of pleasure and special erotic adventures. Women who are eager to try new things can discover whole new possibilities with a pearl vibrator to give themselves pleasant and lustful moments.

A real sophisticated technology

Pearl vibrators are quite special as they stimulate you in various ways to cause intense moments of pleasure. They have all advantages of traditional vibrators and arouse you with their unique rotation and their penis-shaped shaft. Really arousing about these vibrators are the pearls that are circular arranged and rotating in the inner of the vibrator. And if you wish so, they will move crosswise to the penis' natural thrust direction to give you appealing stimulation. As a final touch many of our vibrators of this type have a second arm that is anatomically formed to gently snuggle your clitoris thus bringing you even more passion.

Experience intense moments

The functions of most of our pearl vibrators can be controlled separately so every woman can indulge herself following her own wishes and needs. Pearl vibrators can also be used in many ways by couples when having sex. How about a model with remote control that allows your partner to take control of your lust and to give you pure thrills of ecstasy? As always, there are no limits to your fantasies. You will find many ways to stimulate vagina, G-spot, and clitoris simultaneously with a pearl vibrator.