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Safe sex with that certain extra

Condoms – they are an indispensable part of many people’s love lives and are one of the best-known methods of contraception. They are wafer-thin and are often made of natural rubber latex, a particularly tear-resistant material. But there are also alternatives: condoms made of polyisoprene are also popular because they are often perceived as offering increased sensitivity.

Condoms not only serve to protect against unwanted pregnancies, but also against various sexually transmitted diseases and other infections. The risk of infection is considerably reduced if condoms are used correctly. This is especially important if you change partners frequently or if you do not use other methods of contraception.

The quality of condoms plays a decisive role. Ritex, a renowned manufacturer, produces condoms made of natural rubber latex and polyisoprene. These are not only safe, but also offer a high level of comfort. It is crucial to use condoms that fit well and do not slip, in order to minimise the risk of diseases and infections as much as possible.

Different types of condoms can spice up your love life and awaken new desire. You can choose from latex condoms with flavour, with nubs, in different colours or with a pleasant scent. Contraception can be fun!

Contraception with condoms – different variations

Condoms come in countless varieties and sizes from different manufacturers – so it’s easy to lose track of them all. From normal condoms to XXL condoms to latex-free condoms for allergy sufferers – there is a suitable condom size for every penis and the right one for every desire.

Ribbed condoms provide a special variety. This type of protection is especially appealing to women, as condoms with nubs and grooves stimulate women more intensely during sexual intercourse and give them unforgettable orgasms. Condoms in bright colours or with a flavour add variety in bed and make lovemaking especially exciting – turning your penis into a real treat for your partner.

With the extra thin condoms, you almost forget that you’re wearing one, because you can hardly feel them and they nestle perfectly against your penis. A very special variant are condoms with lubricant, which help you maintain your erection for longer. This way, not only will you enjoy sex more, but your partner will also be thrilled when you use them. If you are allergic to latex, you can simply switch to latex-free condoms.

Buy condoms online – tried and tested brands at ORION

When buying condoms, the most important indicators for safe pleasure are the expiration date and the right condom size. When using the condom, it should not be too tight, otherwise there is a risk of it bursting. But it should also not be too big and slip off the penis. Probably the best-known condom brand among both men and women is Durex – and rightly so. Durex condoms are characterised by durability, reliability and quality. They guarantee sensual and intense moments of pleasure and a lot of variety during sexual intercourse.

But the Mister Size brand also has its fans. As the name suggests, it’s all about the perfect fit. Mister Size is committed to providing every man with the ideal condom for maximum comfort and safety during sex.

And here’s a little tip: if you and your partner use lubricants, make sure that the lubricant is also compatible with the condom. Not all lubricants work well with latex, and you don’t want your condom to break at a crucial moment!

Condoms are not only a reliable contraceptive, they are also a good protection against STDs such as HIV (AIDS) and hepatitis, which can be transmitted through the smallest injuries to the vagina and penis. Used correctly, latex condoms provide almost 100% protection against these diseases. With the right condom, you can not only protect yourself well, but also give sex a very special touch.