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Emphasise your feminine features in an open cup bra

Women love lingerie just as much as men. Men love the wonderful sight of their partner in attractive lingerie, while women feel unbelievably sexy in it. They feel especially sexy in open cup bras that don´t just look good on their own, but also make women´s breasts look lovely under clothing. An open cup bra is for the bedroom and also for brave women who like being a bit more adventurous when they´re out and about.

Shelf bras – the lingerie for a beautiful cleavage

Lingerie brings out every woman´s sensuality. Your partner loves a beautifully presented cleavage because it doesn´t give too much away, therefore leaving enough to the imagination so that he can have erotic fantasies. A shelf bra is a bra that has no cups to cover the breasts. It has a great lifting effect that really puts your cleavage in the limelight. The breasts are either completely uncovered or can be covered with a thin piece of removable material. The shelf bra is also suitable for everyday wear because it allows you to wear tops that are very low-cut without having to move the bra down so that it can´t be seen.
Shelf bras are very erotic because they reveal one of the most erogenous zones – the nipples. You´ll love the feeling you get when your silk blouse or soft jumper rubs against your nipples. Your partner will be speechless when you remove your top and they can look directly at your seductive breasts. The open cup bra can also be kept on during lovemaking.

Shelf bra sets for thrilling seduction

A really erotic set is one that has an open cup bra, crotchless panties and a suspender belt. You will attract your partner´s attention when you wear a lingerie set like this because none of the lingerie needs to be taken off for lovemaking. A great sight that your partner won´t be able to stop thinking about. If you find open cup bras a little too revealing then you can use attractive nipple pasties to cover your nipples. An extra detail that will make you look even more stunning.