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Maid Costume

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Maid costumes are sexy and seductive

Role play is a popular way of adding variety to your sex life. You and your partner should try out role-playing, even if it is a bit difficult to slip into an erotic costume and play a different role at the beginning. You will get into your role quickly and enjoy the erotic role play scenario. One of the most well-known and popular role play scenarios is the maid/master of the house scenario. The best thing about role play is that you can let your imagination run wild and discover a new erotic side to your sex life.

Fulfil your partner´s wishes in a maid costume

If we women are honest, we know that every man would love it if their partner polished and cleaned the flat in sexy lingerie. You can fulfil this fantasy with a short maid costume. Maid outfits consist of either one or two pieces of clothing. A skin-tight vinyl dress emphasises your wonderful curves and allows cheeky glimpses, thanks to the integrated apron insert and the cleavage area. The outfit with two pieces of clothing consists of a top, crotchless panties and a sewn-on apron, and shows more than it conceals. Once the matching headband and choker have been added to the outfit, it is almost complete. You can add the finishing touches to the outfit with the right accessories. An erotic lace suspender belt, a tray and a feather duster finish off the maid costume perfectly. Cheeky details like bows and buttons are real eye-catchers.

Maid/master of the house role play ideas

At the beginning, lots of couples find it hard to think of ideas for a role play scenario. The best thing to do is just start role-playing and don´t think about it too much beforehand. You will notice that over time the ideas will start to flow more easily. The maid costume is normally used for a maid/master of the house role play scenario. The maid does her tasks as normal and allows the master of the house cheeky glimpses of what is hidden underneath her outfit. Maybe the maid isn´t wearing any underwear underneath her apron. The master of the house tries to resist temptation but eventually he starts making erotic remarks. A hotel guset and one of the maids at the hotel is a variation of this scenario. Let your imagination run wild.