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Suspender Straps & Belts

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Suspender straps – from practical to sexy

Suspender straps have been around for centuries. Back then suspender straps lived up to their name and were used mainly by men to hold up their long socks. Nowadays, the suspender straps, decorated with lace, don´t have a lot to do with the original versions. They aren´t used for practical reasons anymore, they are instead sexy lingerie worn by women to take men´s breath away.

The perfect combination – suspender straps, underwear and stockings

There are suspender straps on lots of different attractive lingerie like bodies, corsages or corsets. Even if your favourite lingerie doesn´t have any suspender straps on it, you can still wear sexy stockings by wearing a suspender belt with your outfit. Suspender belts are made out of either latex, imitation leather or soft lace. The fact that suspender belts are available in lots of different colours means that you will have no problem finding one to match your favourite lingerie. There are different kinds of suspender belt. The classic version is a belt that goes around the waist with suspender straps. The suspender belt emphasises the waist and hips in a wonderful way. Suspender belts in burlesque and vintage styles usually have a wider bit of material going around the waist, which also covers a bit of the stomach as well. A narrow suspender belt is a pretty eye-catcher that doesn´t cover too much of your seductive lingerie.
A suspender belt normally has four suspender straps that have small clasps or clips attached for holding up stockings. Some suspender belts only have two suspender straps and others have a lot more. The more suspender straps a belt has, the more seductive men find it.

Suspender belts turn men´s heads

Men find suspender belts simply stunning. Greet your partner in the evening wearing just underwear with a suspender belt and sexy stockings. They won´t be able to resist you when they see you in the attractive outfit. You can choose sexy nylon stockings that match your lingerie or bright stockings that will really grab your partner´s attention. Your outfit will be the centre of attention and will look irresistible when worn with beautiful high heels.