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Elephant Strings

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Elephant strings for a special kind of fun

Strings have become more and more popular among men. The reason for this is that men can show off their sexy backsides in a wonderful way when they wear a string. The increase in popularity has meant that men´s strings now come in different shapes and sizes. That is why they are also available as animal heads e.g. an elephant string. The elephant string will be a special piece of clothing in your underwear drawer.

Elephant strings – a popular gift

Elephant strings are made out of polyester and are very flexible. The trunk gives your best asset enough space. It also has eye-catching ears and movable eyes. The string is usually given as a joke birthday present or graduation present. If this string does manage to find its way into the bedroom it will definitely make your partner laugh. It might also be quite good during erotic moments!

Ready for the next party

The elephant string is perfect for the next fancy dress party and will add the finishing touches to your animalistic outfit. It is also great for stag parties – once you have drunk a few beers, your inhibitions will disappear. All eyes will definitely be on you when you wear this string and you´ll put a smile on everyone´s face as well. You will be ready for any and every situation with the elephant string – even if you´re probably not going to be able to seduce many women with it.