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Chemises & Babydolls

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Chemises and babydolls – seductive nightwear

Chemises and babydolls are a seductive variation of the nightdress and for most women the perfect type of nightwear. At first glance, it looks like it innocently covers the body, however if you take a closer look you will be able to see more through the transparent material than you first thought. The cleavage is shown off beautifully. A sexy nightdress that should be in every woman´s wardrobe.

Chemises and babydolls – very delicate and seductive lingerie

Chemises and babydolls are light and breezy lingerie that are mainly worn as nightwear, however they can also be worn for seducing your partner. The lingerie has a distinctive design. The chemises and babydolls have a separate horizontal seam under the breasts. There is loose material underneath the breasts, which elegantly covers the stomach and hips. The material is usually made out of polyamide and elastane, and feels very comfortable when worn. The integrated lace creates both a cheeky and seductive look.
A chemise is perfect if you want to seduce your partner after work. It is both comfortable and sexy at the same time. Your partner won´t be able to resist you if you wear an elegant black chemise. However, chemises are also great nightdresses as well. It is comfortable and light, which makes it perfect for sleeping in. You might even think that you are sleeping naked but the delicate material will warm you a bit. A babydoll will also make you look unbelievably sexy, even if you´ve just got up. You will look the sexist you ever have in the morning if you wear a babydoll!

Chemises and babydolls – how to clean

Chemises and babydolls are made out of material that doesn´t crease too much. However, you shouldn´t wash them at high temperatures. Please put them in a washing net bag before putting them in the washing machine because this will protect the valuable lingerie. Furthermore, the material shouldn´t come into contact with heat either. The material should therefore not be put in the tumble dryer and/or ironed. You should also read and follow the instructions, and wash the chemises by hand if you want to get the most out of your seductive lingerie.