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Police Woman Costume

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Police officer costume – handcuff your partner

Role play is very popular because it spices up your love life and there are no limits to your fantasies. Role play is suitable for couples who trust each other and who can talk to each other about their desires. The role play scenario where you are the police woman and your partner is the criminal is exciting and you should both like it. This type of role play is associated with submission. If you and your partner like this sort of scenario then you can let your imaginations run wild and try out numerous possibilities.

Lustful moments with a police officer costume

The police woman/criminal role play scenario is very popular because the possibilities are almost endless. Make up a criminal offense and question the suspected criminal. You can punish your partner for every obvious lie and cheeky answer. You and your partner can decide how intense the punishment should be. You can also integrate strip-searches into your role play scenario. You can search the criminal for a weapon and you´ll probably find it if you look in the right area. You could also handcuff your partner and interrogate them using sex toys like anal dildos or electro-sex toys.

Police woman costume –an erotic outfit

The police woman costume consists of a black mini dress, a hat and suspender straps. The tight-fitting erotic dress is made out of polyester and elastane, and clings to your sexy curves. Sexy net tights make the uniform look even more erotic. Matching black latex gloves and handcuffs complete police officer look and you can now start looking for the criminal.
The best thing to do would be to surprise your partner with this erotic costume and then enjoy the way they look at you. This ´surprise effect´ is great for this role play scenario – integrate it into the scenario and you will have hours of pleasure.