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Mini skirts

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Mini skirts – real all-rounders

A skirt shows off the bum and the legs wonderfully and can be combined with lots of other pieces of clothing. Wetlook skirts are very erotic skirts because the material makes them look like they are wet through. A sexy eye-catcher that nobody will be able to resist. Men love looking at women in skirts – you can make sure that men only have eyes for you if you wear a wetlook skirt!

Wetlook mini skirts

Wetlook is a hot, sexy trend that is very popular, especially in the erotic industry. Most of the black clothes are made out of shiny material. It is rare to find wetlook clothing in other colours. The light gets reflected off the black material and makes the clothing look like it´s wet. Wetlook mini skirts are usually made out of black vinyl, latex or polyester and also have an elastane part that makes the mini skirts wonderfully skin-tight. The skirt sticks to your body just like clothing would if you had just come out of the water. An extremely erotic sight that is also very comfortable as well. Seduce your partner in a sexy wetlook mini skirt. Small details like a slit or a zip make the mini skirt even more appealing. A great piece of clothing that can be worn on a date with your partner or during foreplay. You will attract any man´s attention whenever you decide to wear the skirt.

Wetlook mini skirts – can be combined with various things

There is almost nothing that mini skirts, especially wetlook mini skirts, can´t be worn with. A skirt, suspender straps and a beautiful bra looks extremely erotic. You can decide whether you want to wear panties underneath the skirt or not. This outfit emphasises your curves wonderfully and your partner won´t know where to look first! A wetlook skirt can be worn in normal everyday life. The skirt will look less erotic but still very sexy if you wear it with a knitted jumper and boots.