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Crotchless Panties & Strings

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Crotchless panties – eroticism at second glance

Crotchless lingerie is a special kind of attractive underwear because, unlike other lingerie, it reveals more than it conceals. This might sound odd at first but in reality it is extremely erotic. Crotchless panties and strings make you feel unbelievably seductive and will increase the sexual tension between you and your partner. Very few pieces of lingerie can surprise your partner as much as crotchless underwear can.

Crotchless string – the details are important

Strings and panties are normal everyday underwear and can be found in every woman´s lingerie drawer. Crotchless panties, however, are for very special occasions. This lingerie is open in the most appealing places, in order to show off the vaginal and anal area. Furthermore, they don´t have to be taken off during lovemaking – very erotic! Crotchless strings and panties are available in different colours, which means that you can find crotchless panties to match your favourite bra. The sexy underwear is also available in lots of different material e.g. latex, lace or polyamide. This means that there is something for everyone and any occasion.
A crotchless string or panties that are decorated with pretty details are especially sophisticated. Bows, ribbons or pretty patterns are eye-catching and emphasise the erotic zone even more.

Crotchless string – surprise your partner

Crotchless underwear is very sexy but it hasn´t made its way into everyone´s lingerie drawer yet and is therefore also the most unknown attractive underwear that´s available. The erotic detail, that crotchless panties and strings have, isn´t visible at first glance either. All this means that you will surprise your partner when you leave your attractive underwear on during lovemaking. You will both quickly fall in love with this seductive lingerie because it creates sexual tension and an exciting atmosphere in the bedroom.