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Men´s thongs are very eye-catching!

Finding thongs in the lingerie section for men is no longer unusual – and there´s a good reason for this! Men´s thongs draw attention to his best asset and sexy buttocks in an amazing way – no other piece of clothing can do this. The majority of men´s thongs are extremely comfortable and look great as well.

Men´s strings – a stunning sight

You will feel irresistible when you wear a string. If you work out the string will emphasise your muscles. Men´s strings come in different colours and shapes. The classic strings will give you a sporty appearance. Neon-coloured or imitation leather strings are a bit fancier. Cover your best asset with a small pouch made out of shiny imitation leather and enjoy the way your partner looks at you. Transparent strings and thongs in a net design hint at what´s hidden underneath without revealing too much. This makes the view even more exciting. Special details like a metal ring or a zip make the string look even more extravagant and very sexy. Men´s strings provide variety – and not just in the bedroom! Strings are very comfortable and this means that they are in no way inferior to normal underwear. That is why they are perfect for normal day-to-day wear.

Arousing – thongs with a cock ring

A men´s thong with a cock ring will provide very arousing moments in the bedroom. At first sight, the string with a cock ring looks just like a normal men´s string, however the front is a bit different and means that you can show off your manhood. There is a metal cock ring at the front instead of the normal triangle-shaped piece of material that covers your best asset. The string provides you with a great erection that will get shown off in an incredible way. The string doesn´t have to be removed during lovemaking. You and your partner will experience unforgettable orgasms with this string!