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Catsuits & Bodystockings

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Catsuits – figure-flattering and erotic!

Catsuits are lingerie outfits that fit like a second skin and show off feminine curves wonderfully. A very special version is the net catsuit. Unlike normal catsuits, it covers the body without concealing too much and at the same time it highlights your feminine features without revealing too much. Bodystockings are erotic lingerie outfits that shouldn´t be missing from any woman´s wardrobe.

Net catsuits are an erotic sight

Net catsuits are sexy all-in-one outfits and you can wrap any man around your little finger in a net catsuit. Bodystockings are available in different designs and are usually black. A classic net catsuit covers your whole body and is made of delicate net. Catsuits with a large net pattern make your body look sensational. The large net pattern means that a lot of skin is showing but the key areas like nipples and vaginal area are covered. Net catsuits are made out of polyamide and have a high percentage of elastane in them, which means that they fit your body perfectly. The material makes the net catsuits feel wonderfully light and very comfortable.

Extremely erotic! – Crotchless net catsuits

Bodystockings that are open in the crotch area let your partner get cheeky glimpses of the area and are extremely sexy. These net catsuits cover your body in delicate net and have a suspender belt with suspender straps pattern sewn into the outfit around the vaginal area, however the vagina itself stays uncovered. This erotic opening means that you can keep the beautiful net catsuit on during lovemaking – he will be able to enjoy the erotic view for longer and you will feel irresistible and sexy. You will attract any man´s attention in this sexy lingerie.